Seven trends in technology that are likely to achieve widespread adoption

The advances in technology today are occurring at a gradual pace, and there are many customers who hear about different products and services long before they think about purchasing them. However, there are a few customers who use the tech early on, considered as ‘early adopters’ – and by the time there is mass adoption of the product, the early adopters have already used the product for many months or even years.

Two or three years ago, there are certain products that were developed to serve tech markets but are starting to achieve widespread adoption in recent months. Experts are now increasingly turning their attention to them, and they are now realizing they have the potential of changing the way people do things, both now and in the future. Here are some of them.

Machine learning

Computers have been around for decades and have gone through significant improvements since the first supercomputers appeared on the scientific scene. However, they still lack significant reasoning abilities that their human owners, and still prone to making errors when their owners make a mistake in the programming.

Thanks to the introduction of algorithms, machines are now beginning to learn – and that is increasingly being adopted by businesses, for instance. The algorithms can predict anything that can happen in the future since they observe patterns and past behaviors. The more machines learn, the more businesses will incorporate them to study trends in sales and marketing, as well as other consumer behaviors, and this is also rising through the learning of developers themselves.


This is already popular in some smartphones, as some of the ones coming out today have thumbprint authentication methods of unlocking the device. Companies such as Apple Inc. have also incorporated facial recognition in their latest phones, thanks to the continual efforts by technologists to ensure people can access their devices securely and within certain areas.

However, this is not without its challenges. There have been lawsuits that have arisen because of these efforts seeking to invade people’s privacy and leading to security violations. That also has implications on numerous tech companies, since they have an uphill task of trying to implement this technology in the market, at least in the long term.


VR (virtual reality)

This is increasingly under adoption mostly in the gaming community, just like the 10 best VPNs for Mac are increasingly becoming useful for surfing the internet and accessing sites that are not available in your country. An exhibition held in 2016 regarding Consumer Electronics led investors to notice that VR was the technology innovation to observe – and indeed it was.

An increasing number of tech companies are now providing headsets, such as HTC, Sony, and Samsung, and they are teaming up with the best software designers to give consumers interesting VR technology they can watch. For instance, customers already have an idea of the world of VR, thanks to initiatives such as the Martian VR experience that was in Las Vegas.

Note that because of the increasing spread of VR headsets, more applications of the same tech are under study and there will be likely more uses.



You will be hard pressed to find a person you know without a fitness wearable, even if you do not have one. Internables is the next phase of wearables – these are fitness trackers that are implanted within the body of the patient in question.

Once they are implanted, they will track various aspects of the person related to their fitness. These include their heart rate, blood pressure, levels of glucose in the blood, and many more metrics. Because of them, they can give many nutritionists and medical professionals to monitor the health status of their patients when they experience health problems, and teach a healthy patient to spot problems as soon as they begin developing.



Prediction analysis

This is a trend that began some years back, but it is set to continue. Businesses want to learn as much as they can about their customers and everything else, including sales and revenue projections.

Through the use of AI (artificial intelligence), many companies are set to continue using the information they get to accomplish and adjust many things. Among the controversial ways, for instance, is insurance companies using the information on their customers to profile them and set premiums that the customers are supposed to pay.

Social collaborations

One of the uses of social media is to act as a sort of ‘diary’ for the user because they are sharing the good moments that have happened to them or their friends. In the same way, the same mentality is showing up in the workplace, because a co-worker would want to talk about the advancements they are making or the achievements their brand has accomplished and spread it out on social media.

Businesses are taking notice of this behavior, and are setting up ways to encourage their clients as well as their employees to collaborate and put up positive interactions on their social media pages. For instance, the development of certain social media platforms such as Slack and HipChat are increasingly becoming the norm, especially in organizations that weren’t to create a more streamlined form of communication and save their time.


IoT (Internet of Things)

This is the increased levels of interconnectedness between different devices to the internet, all which are within objects you use every day, and therefore providing a way to receive and send data. This advancement is increasingly making its way to offices, even in small and medium enterprises, as well as homes.

Thanks to products such as Ring and Nest, they are facilitating the connection of all your home devices to a cloud storage service. Many businesses are also realizing the value of making products that emphasize the use of solutions connected to the internet. Regardless of the nature of the enterprise, the IoT is likely to affect it in some way.

Final thoughts

The more days go by, the more technology is likely to change and advance in interesting ways, and make the lives of customers easier – but the challenge is to spread out the change across different industries.

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