Online slots regulations explained

Rigid online casino rules and regulations are extremely important and ensure players who gamble are protected. In the UK approximately 350,000 people exhibit signs of problem gambling, and so to protect all players, it’s vital to have laws in place to protect players from their own actions, too. To do this, the UK government created the Gambling Act in 2005, which has been designed to control all gambling activities in the UK. Here are some of the regulations explained simply!  

Are online casinos legal in the UK? 

Although in many parts of the world online casinos are illegal, the UK isn’t one of them and players can enjoy legal access to online casinos with hundreds of reputable online casinos to cheese from. However, strict regulation is in place to protect players who gamble online on websites such as which has helped the industry to thrive.  

What are the punishments for breaking the regulations? 

There can be steep penalties for breaking laws and regulations, for example providing gambling to players without a licence can land the establishment with a £5k fine and up to a year in prison. This is also the outcome for anyone who supplies online gambling software illegally without a license. Letting minors gamble is letting underage persons work in the industry can also incur strict punishments of fines and jail time. 

Does UK casino law benefit players? 

In short, yes! UK residents who are over the age of 18 are protected by some of the most efficiently regulated online gambling markets. Players can feel happy in the knowledge that the laws the UK have in place are robust and fair and aim to keep players safe above all else. This gives players confidence that the casinos they play on are fair and aren’t misrepresenting or falsely advertising game so there is a high level of transparency from casinos. Players also benefit from other organisations that offer support to players who find themselves developing a gambling problem.  

Is my information and identity safe and secure? 

Some players worry about their identity and personal information being safe, as when they open an account on an online casino, players are required to verify their identity which can sometimes feel unsettling. However, it’s very important for online casinos to ask for this information to verify that you are who you say you are. This ensures that the online casino is compliant and is paying due diligence to make sure players are old enough to gamble. This is also to comply with anti-money laundering laws because the link between money-laundering and gamble has long been documented.  

If you’re still concerned, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to gamble at some online casinos which protects your personal information so you can gamble anonymously.  

What’s in store for online UK slot regulations in the future? 

Following BREXIT (sorry for bringing this old chestnut up!) the UK has left the European Union, there could be a significant impact of regulation, especially for Gibraltar as the UK could impose a domestic tax on Gibraltar which could have a big impact on gambling companies based there.

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