How Online Connectivity Changing The Dynamics Of Knowledge


Can you now even imagine a single minute, without any technology, sounds weird, Maybe! You know you must be thinking I am somehow nuts about my view, well I know it is just so very impossible to live up with any technological development. In the era of digitalization, the advancement is only not bound in the limit, nor can be ever. With many parameters in technological advances, the most leading is Internet which is more popular and more accessible way to connect people over the planet.

Technological development was the actual way to comfort the lives of humans, but now we humans are more prone and addicted to such effortless luxuries. Despite being the innovations of machinery, the virtual world is also a leading aspect that has changed the world of connectivity over the planet while just sitting in one place. Just live everything in the world has its own pros and cons, technology also has even the Internet has.

Internet And World Are Two Side Of the Same Coin

Social Connectivity Is Easy

Today with innovations in the digital world, the internet plays a crucial role in shaping the world. The sphere os worldwide web with millions of websites and applications over handy gadgets has changed the era of knowledge and learning. Now people can easily converse and connect in friction of second, with anyone. Despite being using social platforms to hang up with friends an family over a social site such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, the Internet is widely used to gain knowledge about everything. The horizon of exploring, learning and expressing views is only increased due to the internet.

Business And Trade Over the Internet

In addition, Internet connectivity is also being important in trade and commerce, via establishing a concept of e-commerce and e-finance. Smart classes in schools and colleges have improved the way of education. In fact, many field works are also raised positively due to this digital connectivity. Shopping websites, marketing strategies, business analysis has now simple the task of trade worldwide. Crossing borders in nanoseconds to shop, sell and buy is only possible because of this effective connectivity which is currently leading the companies and firms to gross more easily.

Smart Education Is Better World

Small yet improved versions of large computers, also have improved the scenario of global connectivity together. Within significant development of smart gadgets such as the laptop, smartphones, tablets and more have boosted the speed of internet users which additionally affected the trend of technology more rationally. Use of heavy websites earlier was the tragic issue to use over gadgets but not the availability of hassle-free applications for handy devices have made connectivity easier, more straightforward and trouble-free. Use of the internet by people to learn and to know is more than to get social accounting. Online gaming trends, educational websites, gaming applications like anagram, scrabble, ludo, puzzles, and more has also polished the path of knowledge.

Other Spheres And Connectivity

Whatever is left over in the discussion of this content, that is also the part of the internet, whether it about services like food, health, or else or if it is about the product. Worldwide web is all not connected with every information of tangible or non-tangible creations. The loop of knowledge over the online world is now more logical, factful and significant. People are not prone to this online connectivity for their simpler problems, that however, often can be more critics when talking about health. Now, this online connectivity works as a mirror which helps in proving us accurate reflection of whatever we are looking for. Internet and its connective has not changed the way of thinking, perception and modified the ability of understanding.

Online Connectivity Is Slow Poison

Unlike the positive points of internet and connectivity, some demerits are somehow not avoidable. As technology and connectivity have gained a lot of importance in our lives, it doesn’t mean it is not harmful to us. Yet this online connective is killing us in many ways, what are these, let’s just check it out:

Online Connectivity Vs. Concentration

Research says, spending 6 hours per day or more over online interfaces can lower the span of concentration as from 12 seconds to 8 seconds which has swamped and reprogrammed our brains with lack of attention.

Online Connectivity Vs. IQ Level

Multitasking is always considered a righteous deed and incomparable habit, but research done in the University of London claims that multi-tasking over many cognitive works can lower the level of human IQ similarly if smoke marijuana or even stayed all night long. IQ level is however dropped up to 15 points for multitasking persons.

Online Connectivity Vs. Books

Reading books, writing notes over the paper was one of the casual thing done by humans, but this online connectivity has lowered the habit of reading and writing. For a small buzz or query, people take the help of their smart gadget instead of reading it over some book. Libraries are just no more the part of lectures to gain knowledge. The literary concept, in fact, has swooped upto three-decade, I,e — fifty-two percent as reported by Christopher Ingraham in 2015.

Online Connectivity Vs. Memory

Boosting memory is somehow easy over the but still it as more adverse effects over health. Taking help of social interfaces, search engines, websites to find a simple solution is killing our memory and making it blunter then sharping it. Earlier remembering things like dates, locations, phone numbers, addresses were easily done by humans and now, it all is not less then texted sculptures.

Online Connectivity Vs. Queries

Before the creation of this much digital world, people were greatly habitual to find perfect solutions of their problems, big or small, but now technology has chained our minds to think in a logical way for simple questions, puzzles, queries and more. The online tutorials, contents have tied our

relationship with the online world.

Online Connectivity Vs. Creativity

With many generations, in innovations, the skilled mind has to decode many advancements in gadgets yet still lack behind in other creations. The opening of the possible and best answer to any problem over the internet has lowered the skills of creativity, the ability to think twice which has frequently affected our skills in indirect or direct means. The online world of connectivity has now matter changed the dynamics but also has increased health problems, like stress, anxiety, and leads to isolation as well.

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