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Keywords are most essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) process, in fact, SEO process starts with keyword analysis.  In this article, I will discuss the type of keywords in SEO and it’s important.

Following blog post will provide comprehensive details about primary, secondary keyword, long-tail keywords, generic keywords as well as transaction and non-transaction keywords

What Are Keywords?                                     

Before going into details, lets first know some basic about keywords.

Keywords in SEO comes into picture due search engine (Like Google & Yahoo), to understand this let’s take an example, if you want to know about hotels in Manali then you will write “Hotels in Manali” in Google search bar, now the term “Hotels in Manali” is called keyword in SEO this is also called search query for search engine.

Now, websites or pages which are optimized for keyword “Hotels in Manali” will be shown in search engine ranking.

So, keywords are terms that define the content of your website, it is a most important factor for getting good ranking SERP.

Type of Keywords in SEO

Keywords are the foundation for getting good ranking in search engine result, understanding of keywords types will help you to for better optimization of the website and getting quick ranking.

Keywords in SEO are categorized into several types, I am trying to provide basic knowledge of each type of keywords.

Singular Keywords

Single word keywords are singular keywords like “clothes”, “property”, “dogs” etc best part is that these types of keywords have very search volume but the worse part is that these are very competitive and getting ranking of these keywords is next too impossible for a new website.

Singular keywords didn’t provide information about what actually user is searching for, like if someone is searching “property” then you never know if the user wants to buy property or rent property.

Generic keywords

These types of keywords have two or more words but they are very general in nature, they also have very high search volume and high competition (but lower than singular keywords). Aquaring top position on these keywords is also very tough.

Like “property in India” is a general keyword because it covers 36 states of Indian territory If anyone selling property in Delhi then better keyword from him will be Property in Delhi.

Running PPC ads on general keywords will give a large number of clicks but low conversion rate.

Long tail keywords

These types of keywords have three or more words with low search volume. The best part is that long tail keywords have very low competition and a new website can get top ranking easily on these keywords.

Long tail keywords provide clear understanding searchers intent.  For example, if someone searching for 2 BHK flat in Noida then we know that he wants to a 2bhk flat which is located in Noida city.

For getting high conversion rate it is advisable to run PPC on long tail keywords.

Branded Keywords

Keywords which includes brand name is called branded keywords like Samsung galaxy note 8 or Samsung smartphones.

Primary keyword

Keyword on which you want a top ranking of your website is called primary keyword, this can generic or long tail keyword. You optimize your website around this keyword. This is the keyword which will bring business by bringing targeted traffic.

Secondary keywords

We optimize our website for more than one keywords, keywords other than primary are called secondary keywords. These are less important but often brings good traffic and conversions.

Transactional keywords

Keywords which encourage visitors to buy items from your website is called transactional keywords like buy mobile online, Manali tour package etc.

Negative keywords

Keywords on which you DON’T want to your ads is called negative keywords. While running PPC campaigns you will notice that your ads may show on keywords which are not related to your ad is your ad is getting irrelevant clicks. For example,  to sell flats a real estate developer running ads on “2 bhk in Noida” keyword but he noticed that his ad is also shown on “2 bhk in Noida for rent” keyword which is not related to his business.

To avoid irrelevant clicks he can add “rent” as a negative keyword. Which simply means that his ads will not be shown on any search query which includes  word “rent”

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