How to solve “Partial” status issue in fetch as google report of search console

Google search console have several very useful tools for webmasters one such tool is fetch as google.  I am very much sure that most of the people are unaware of benefits of this tool.  Officially,  with this tool you can test whether google can crawl given webpage or not but you can use this tool to index your webpage in few minutes.

Fetch as google can be used as the debugging tool to test whether Googlebot can access given the page of your site, how it renders that page, and whether any page resources (such as images or scripts) are blocked to Googlebot.

When you are about to submit URL into fetch as google tool there are two buttons are available one is Fetch and other is Fetch and Render,  check below which buttons you need to click and why.

  • Fetch: It is very quick operation and fetches a specified URL of your website and displays the HTTP response. This option will not request or run any associated resources of the page such as script or images.
  • Fetch and Render: Fetches given page URL of your website, gives HTTP response and also render given the page for desktop or smartphone.  This option request and runs images and scripts of the page as well.  This option is used to check how Googlebot sees your page and how it is visible to your actual users.

Status of Fetch Request

After fetch operation completed, fetch as google report shows some status along with the page URL. Status can Complete, Partial, Redirected or Error (Not Found or Unreachable).

  • Complete: It means google performed fetch operation successfully and crawled given page, all its resources. You can see details by clicking on the URL.
  • Partial: It means google performed fetch operation for given page URL but could not reach all resources referenced by the page because they were blocked by robots.txt files.  If you see several resources are blocked by your own robots.txt then it advised to unblock those resources. If you don’t own robots.txt file then contact to file owner and asked then to unblock those resources for googlebot.
  • Redirected: when your page is redirected to another page then you will get this status as Fetch as Google tool does not follow redirects.
  • Not Found: this status means your page is completely blocked by robots.txt you need to unblock it.
  • Unreachable: googlebot not able to reach specific URL, talk to your hosting provider about this issue.

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Solution for Partial Status Issue

As described above, when googlebot could not fetch all page resources such as image and scripts then it shows fetch status as Partial.  That means robots.txt blocking these resources and you need to unblock. But there can be two types of blocked resources one is blocked by your own robots.txt file and others are blocked by third party websites like

Check given image it is the perfect example of partial rendering status. Here google provide the list of resources which googlebot is not able to render.  In the given example there are two resources one is script and other is ajax file and both these files are blocked by third party robots.txt file.

Resources which are blocked by your own robots.txt file can easily unblocked but those which are blocked by others robots.txt file, you need to contact to their owners and asked then to unblock those resources. This is the only solution available till now.


Fetch as google is my personal favorite tool in search console because it allows me to check how googlebot will see my page and I can make changes according to given report.  One other reason is that, with the use of this tool, I can index my new pages fast (In few Minutes) and easily.


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36 thoughts on “How to solve “Partial” status issue in fetch as google report of search console”

  1. Hi Pavan, When I use fetch and render option, status was partial, I haven’t use any robots file neither third-party websites blocking anything. Can you let me know what will be the issue or what can be done in my case.

  2. Thanks Pavan,
    You didn’t mention how to unblock the partial at the end? I’m newbie on this and now my own website has this issue. Can you share some tips plz?


  3. Hi Pavan Sharma,
    My new website & i used 2 sitemap
    1. sitemap.xml from google plugin
    2. sitemap_index.xml from yoast seo plugin

    and i was removed 1 because 2 sitemap are not allowed
    and also 1 is submitted successfully but i removed it.
    and 2 is steal their
    and 2 weeks now and partial status not want to go
    what i do ?
    Please help me if you read my comment

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