How to set up and Track Micro Conversions in Google Analytics

Its dream of every website owner that every visitor who is visiting website gets convert in to customer.   But in reality only 2% visitors get convert.  Every business website need to have a very clear goal (Macro Goals) which allows to track success of website and business.  Like for e-commerce website macro goal is transactions and revenue, for real estate website macro goal will be contact form submission and call, for hotel website macro goal or end goal will be online booking and for blog macro goals will be subscription.  macro-conversions

It’s very easy to setup macro goals by using google analytics. Follow given steps to create goals in google analytics.

But very few macro conversions happen for any website. For example let’s say 100 visitors are visiting your websites and conversion rate is 2% that means only 2 visitors are converting.  All type of analysis and calculation will be focus on these 2 visitors but what about other 98 visitors? Are they not valuable? Of Course  they are valuable.  Measuring non-converting visitor behavior can helpful to get more conversions in future.


In fact most of visitors didn’t convert in first visit and it is not necessary that every visitor comes on your website to purchase or make transactions.  It is possible that visitor is searching for information about product. They are looking for job. They might look for latest blog post.

So website success can’t be measured only with macro goals, we need to address those peoples as well who are not ready to convert but still interested in your website.  It’s very important to address those people who are interested in your products or services but aren’t yet ready to buy or connect to you immediately!  It can be done with micro-goals.   In simple terms micro conversions are activities which users perform before macro conversion.

One website commonly has several call-to-action points and micro-conversion tracked with micro goals for these call-to-action points.  Micro conversion tracked with goals as well as event in google analytics.

Example, for an ecommerce website micro goal can be product video views, account creation or contact us. For real estate website it can be broacher download. For blog it can be 1+ minutes visit and Page views per visit.

Benefits of Tracking Micro Conversions

  • You have multiple metrics to measure success of your website.
  • More data for analysis and forecasting
  • More funnels for visitors behavior analysis

After setting up, you can establish relationship between macro goals and micro goals. It is often seen that if number of micro conversions increases then macro conversions also increases.

How to Setup Micro Goals

I am sure now you understand that benefits of having micro goals for your website. Now question is how to create micro goals? Creation of these goals are very similar to macro goals, you don’t need to anything extraordinary to create micro goals. Like setting up of account creation micro goal is exactly similar to setting up purchase macro goal with destination URL. Some common examples of micro goals are described below.

  • Account Created
  • Pdf download
  • Page Views Per Visit

Account Created:   Account creation or sign up may not lead to sale but it is major factor in purchase funnel.  Let’s take example of eCommerce website where macro goal is to measure completed purchase.  Visitors are browsing website but at this time they are not ready to make purchase.  They find your website very useful and created account. That means, these users are interested in your product and services, they can convert in near future.  You can target these users with re-targeting to generate more sales.

Use Destination URL goal to setup account created and define “Thank you for Creating Account” page as goal page.  Create a funnel for the goal. Add a funnel step for each step in the account creation process.

To setup Account Created micro goal follow given steps

  • Sign in to google analytics
  • Click on Admin and select desire account, property and view.account-sing-up-goal1
  • Click on Goals in View column.
  • Click on New Goal.
  • There are some pre-defined goals are listed click on “Create an Account” and continue.account-sing-up-goal2
  • Give name of your Goal “Create an Account ” Type will be destination and click continue.account-sing-up-goal3
  • This is final step Set destination “Equal to” provide “Thanks page” URL inside given box. There are two optional things 1) Value: Set desire value for your goal 2) Funnel: give specific path that you expect visitor should follow to get convert.account-sing-up-goal4

PDF Download:  If you are tracking how many users downloaded product or services information then you are able to track users which are ready to convert in very next visit. This indicates that on this visit user just want to collect information about particular product and making his mind for purchase. So tracking PDF download is crucial. Let’s take example of a real estate website where macro goal is submission of contact form or call on given number.  Now visitor who want to buy flat is viewing your website but not contacting you by submission form or call. The same visitor downloaded price list or brochure from your website. That means user is interested in your project so you can use re-targeting to follow this user.

You can use google analytics event to track PDF download. Edit your site code and add an onClick event to the download link. The onClick event needs to send a Google Analytics event. Then, create an Event goal which refers to the Google Analytics event category/action that was triggered by the link.

First you need to enable event tracking to track PDF download as goal. Apply given code at onClick event of PDF file.

_trackEvent(Downloads, PDF, file_name.pdf, 1)

To setup PDF download micro goal follow given steps

  • Sign in to google analytics
  • Click on Admin and select desire account, property and view.
  • Click on Goals in View column.
  • Click on New Goal.
  • Click on custom and continue.
  • Give name of your Goal “PDF Dowload ” and select Event as Type and click continue.
  • event-goal1
  • At final steps you need to provide event condition that will be measurement of goal completion. Provide at least one of given Category, Action, Label and Value.event-goal2

Page Views per Visit:  It is very important to separate your loyal visitor from others.  Loyal visitors can be several types 1) Visitors who browse several pages of your website in single visit 2) those who shares your every web page on social media 3) those who makes multiple purchases.  There is no set of definition for loyal visitors.  By separating loyal visitors, you can allocate different marketing budgets for visitor who is most likely to get convert.

Let’s take example of blog, there can be broadly two types of visitors one who just read single article before closing and other are those who read all new articles. In the given scenario second type of visitor are loyal visitors for your blog.

To setup Page views per visit goal you need to decide number of page view for goal completion.   It is totally depend on you. Ask yourself how many pages eventual customers view before purchase and set that number as your threshold.

To setup Page Views per Visit micro goal follow given steps

  • Sign in to google analytics
  • Click on Admin and select desire account, property and view.
  • Click on Goals in View column.
  • Click on New Goal.
  • Click on custom and continue.
  • Give name of your Goal “3+ Page Views ” and select Pages/Screens per session as Typeand click
  • At final steps you need to provide number of page view per session that you want track and goal

Measure Relationship between Micro-Goal and Macro-Goal

It is very interesting to know that is overall increase in micro conversions leads to increase macro conversion as well? My answer will be YES. You may or may not agree but my argument is that if micro conversion increases that means more users are engaging this website that will bring more macro conversion.  So there is direct relationship with micro goals and macro goals. To explain this let’s take example of this blog (, micro goal is 3+ page views per visit and macro goal is subscription.  After analyzing google analytics for past 6 months, it is quite clear that more engagement leads to more subscription.


Every user of your website is valuable, biggest mistake most of digital marketer make that they put all there focus on macro goal which means they are focusing on very few users.  For success of your website you need to measure behavior of non-converting users as well.  These users may not convert in first visit but they can become your customer in future.  So identify call-to-action in your website and create micro-goals. If you can figure out where to place Call-to-Actions for micro-goals and macro-goals and measure, then you are on your way to having a high performing website! AND that is a good starting point for my next blog post.

Have any question? Feel free to comment below or ask any question regarding tracking of micro conversion.

Are you facing problem in setting up Macro and Micro Goals for your website? Click here to contact me for support.

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