How to Completely Resolve 404 Not Found Error from Google Search Console

Todays I am going to provide the detailed solution of 404 Not Found problem of google search console. I feel that this is one of the major issue faced by every webmaster.  I too faced same problem for my website . Check given images


You can see 1 server error and 1,397 pages are Not Found. I already deleted these pages from my website and in search console I marked these as Fixed. But after few days same number of pages shown as 404 Not Found in search console report. It happened several times then I researched on this topic in detail which I want to share with all of you.

Cause of the Problem

If you deleted any page from your website then you need to inform google about it so that it can remove same information from search result and stop caching for that page or information. Google will not drop those pages from search result automatically.  You need to take some action to completely remove deleted pages from google search result.

Remember google is just part of web not entire web, removing information (Website page or information) from google and removing information from web is two different things.

There are two cases

  • Do you want to remove information from google search results only?
  • Do you want to remove information from entire web?

If you removed information from google then you need to take further steps to remove it from entire web.  Let’s say you want to remove information from google search result now question is who controls that resource or page?

Pages and information that you control are your website page, blogger page, post on facebook, twitter, google+ and your google business page. Page that you don’t control are news about you on newspaper website, guest post on others blog, wikipedia pages etc.

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Now question is how to inform google about deleted page or you want to remove particular information from google search result.  Different actions need to be taken for pages that you control and for pages that won’t control.

Solution for Pages that you control

Following solution is application for website that you control and you are Verified owner of site in google search console or website (blog) managed by your google account like blogger page.

  • Temporarily hide information from google search: Based on your need you can temporarily hide information from google search or you can remove it permanently. To hide information temporarily you need to fill URL removal request form which is available in search console report under Google Index. You just need to provide URL of the page that you want to hide.  But it is just temporary solution and after 90 days these pages with appear in google search result. You must be a verified site owner of the page in Search Console to do this. We recommend removing the page from both search results and the cache in your request. Remove permanently follow given stepsremove-url-search-console
  • Permanently remove information from Google Search results:  You can do one of three following things to permanently remove a page from google search result.
    1. Block its access:  To permanently remove a page from google search result you need to block its access to googlebot.  There may be two type of page

      You have control:  if you have control then you can do following things

    You don’t have control

In this case you need to contact owner of that page and ask him to remove that page from his website.

  1. Add a noindex tag in header: This is most preferred method to block access of any particular page to googlebot or any search engine, but while using this method you need to make sure that page is not blocked by robots.txt file.   You just need to apply given code inside <head> of page.

To block access of all search engines apply given code.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

To block only google to access given page apply given code.

<meta name=”googlebot” content=”noindex”>

  1. Delete image from google search result: To remove any image from google search result you can use txt file.  Again, this method removes  image from google search result, not entire page.  Let’s say you want to remove logo.jpg from google search results write following code in robots.txt file. (Assuming that logo.jpg file is inside images folder).

User-agent: googlebot



I put my best efforts to describe cause of 404 Not Found issue of google search console and given proper solution for it. Some people may be thinking that we can easily block a page by using robots.txt file so why I need to follow given procedure? My answer to these people is you CAN’T block a webpage from google search result by robots.txt file. I will provide details on this topic in my next article.  Please post your questions and suggestions in comment section, I will love to hear from you.


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