How google chrome provides URL suggestions?

Google Chrome Predictor

Google chrome is most used web browser in the world, according to currently it has market share of 55.83%. Chrome gained its popularity due to its simplicity and speed.  It has some very amazing features like extensions and in-built apps.

One of such feature is auto URL suggestion or predictor, when you start typing URL of a website in google chrome’s address bar, chrome automatically suggest some websites which previously visited by you.

You may wonder  how chrome show list of suggested URL’s, actually chrome keep record of all words you typed in address bar and which of the suggested URL is matching with your requirement.  You can get chrome predictor data by typing chrome://predictors


google chrome provides
google chrome provides

Given image shows record stored by chrome for URL predictor

  • User Text: text interred by user in chrome address bar.
  • URL: websites web address suggested by chrome.
  • Hit Count: number of times user clicked on given suggestion
  • Miss Count: number of time suggestion shown by user didn’t clicked on it.
  • Confidence: success rate of given suggestion.

There are several other amazing features of google chrome, you can learn more about these features from Chrome URLS.

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