Horrible Digital Marketing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Business & How to Avoid Them

Marketing is an important element in the life of any business. As such, mistakes should be avoided when planning and executing your marketing strategies; especially digital marketing where any small mistake could go viral overnight.
This article highlights some avoidable digital marketing mistakes that can ruin your business, as well as solutions to them.

Not Optimizing Website for Mobile Users

While people rarely carry their PCs around, our phones are always with us. In fact, it is estimated that over 50 percent of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are losing a large chunk of your customers.

Moreover, if you want your website to rank better than those of your competitors, mobile-friendliness is among the first criteria considered by Google. They call “mobile-first indexing”

Not Rewarding Loyal Customers

Amazon. Alibaba and eBay make the most profit during Black Friday sales or other festive events that prompt sellers to discount the prices of their products. People love deals and want to patronize businesses that care enough to offer discounts or run promotions.

This does not mean that you go about discounting all your items or running promotion every week. It should be strategic. You can start by having a loyalty program that rewards regular customers as well as offer discounts when the occasion demands. This will help to increase footfall and get more people to visit your store.
They may end up buying more of the items on full price and even coming back. As long as you have what they are looking for. A study by VoucherCloud reveals that about 91 percent of shoppers are likely to visit the same seller again, after redeeming a coupon.

Neglecting Video in Content Plan/Marketing Mix

If your business is utilizing social media for marketing and customer engagement, video is one tool you can’t do without. YouTube is the most visited website in the world after Google. So, you should take it seriously.
Video content drives higher engagement from viewers. And about 43 percent of people who view a video end up visiting a website.
Moreover, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms allow you to share video content. So, why aren’t you using it?

Wrong Targeting Technique

Whether you are doing your marketing the traditional way or utilizing digital channels, targeting must be to the point for you to get the best result.
However, the beauty of digital marketing lies in the availability of tools. These tools can help you to ascertain who your audience really is and the best way to get their attention.
Despite these options, many business owners still rely on assumptions.
Hence, either targeting the wrong audience or assuming their marketing is for everyone. Assumption is an effective method of burning cash without seeing results from your marketing efforts.

No Plans for SEO

Initially, I talked about optimizing your website for mobile users which is an important part of search engine optimization. But SEO is far more than that.

The concept is wide and beyond what we can cover in this topic. But if you really want to decrease your marketing spend over time while maintaining the level of traffic and leads that you generate from your website, neglecting SEO for your website is a digital marketing mistake that you must avoid.

Not Hiring Expert

Marketing is hard and digital marketing is even harder. The processes involved, the technology and tools are too many to be handled by just one person.
If you excel in management and certain aspects of marketing, that is fine. But make sure you hire experts to take care of the aspects of your marketing that you are not comfortable with while you focus on converting prospects.
Depending on your company’s culture, you can hire a few hands to handle your business in-house or outsource to a reliable digital marketing firm. That way, you get access to a talent pool of digital marketing experts at a price lower than hiring a number of people to manage it in-house.


If you find out that you have been making some of these mistakes, you can still correct them. Or hire a competent person to help you make the corrections and devise a viable digital marketing plan that can help you going forward.

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