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Every SEO wants to see its website ranking among the top ten sites on Google and other search engine result pages (SERPs). The reason for wanting to rank among the top ten positions is that visitors who enter a query hardly look at the second page of the results pages displayed by Google and other search engines.

The most important factor among the 200+ factors that Google takes into account on ranking a website is keywords. Your goal as an SEO is to get the maximum traffic to your website, and the keywords that you use in the content of your website’s pages will determine the type of visitors your site will attract. You know what you want to sell or information you want to provide on your website. But how do you determine what are viewers looking for?  You can do this by finding out how people are looking for the products, services, or information that you are providing.

Google and other search engines maintain a database of the keywords that visitors enter in search queries in finding what they are looking for on the internet. Your website’s ranking is determined by the relevant keywords used in the title, meta tags, and content of your website.

Find and Use Keywords

SEOs are aware of the importance of using relevant keywords in their websites. They spend hours on researching the relevant keywords to use. There are several articles available on the internet that discusses in detail the types of keywords and how they should be used.

As an SEO, you have to find relevant keywords and use them on your website. Now, the next thing you should know is your site’s ranking on Google and of the keywords that you have used. To find out your website’s ranking on Google and the keywords, you should use a free keyword rank checker.

Using an Online Rank Checker

You can find a number of websites that offer rank checker tool. As Google is the most popular search engine in use today, most of the rank checker websites offer Google rank checker function. It is the most popular free rank checker tool used by SEOs to check their website ranking as well as keyword rank checking.

Depending on the website that you have selected to run the Google rank checker , the results displayed might differ slightly.

How Google rank checker works is that it lists the keywords found, their current ranking, previous ranking, search volume, number of results, search trend, etc. Google rank checker displays the current month ranking of each keyword and the previous month’s ranking.

You might be pleasantly surprised to see that some words that have been used in your website, which you have not thought were relevant keywords are ranking high on Google rank checker.

These results will show your website’s ranking based on the keywords used in your website. Looking at the results, you can analyze the percentage of traffic you are getting based on the keywords. You can then draw up a strategy to strengthen and better the ranking of your website based on the keywords. You can also make plans to replace keywords that are not doing well on Google rank checker. 

By using the right relevant keywords in your website’s web pages, you can improve the ranking of your website.

Bulk keyword checking

When you are searching for the keywords to use in your website’s content and has found a list of them, you should use a bulk keyword checking tool to check their monthly average search. The bulk keyword checking tools that are found on various websites only allow entering one keyword per line. Some also put a cap on the maximum number of keywords to check. Therefore if a bulk checking tool only allows ten keywords per search, and you have fifty keywords, you will have to run the app five times to get all the results.

By doing a bulk keyword check you can shortlist a combination of keywords that have a high volume of monthly searches. However, do remember that generic and popular common words will have a high average search.

Google rank checker and bulk keyword checking

You don’t need to use two different apps to run Google rank checker and bulk keyword checker. Open in a new tab on your search browser. This website will do both; keyword check and Google rank checker.

If you only want to check your relevant keywords first, enter your domain name and one keyword per line. In the results, it will display the ranking of the keywords. The entered keywords that are not ranked in the top 100 URLs are useless, and you should remove or replace them with keywords that rank.

This Google rank checker also allows you to check your rankings by URL. Here you only need to enter the URL of your website. In the results, the keywords, position, search volume, and other relevant data are displayed.

Using this application regularly will tell you how your website and keywords are performing and how you can improve its ranking.

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