Fix Page Publishing Authorizations Issue of Facebook

Many of my blog readers had requested to provide a solution of the “Page Publishing Authorizations” problem of Facebook, if you are facing the same issue then this article will be very helpful for you.  This blog post will provide step by step solution for the above problem.

Many of Facebook users who have a Facebook business page are getting a message which says “Required: Page Publishing Authorization” along with some details about steps you need to take fix this error and warning about what can happen if you didn’t take any action.

You may get the following message ( I get this message)

Required: Page Publishing Authorization

Because you manage a Page with a high potential reach, we’re asking you to:

  • Secure your personal account with two-factor authentication to protect access to all your Pages.
  • Confirm your primary country location so that we can confirm where you are based.

This is one step we’re taking to help make Facebook a more trustworthy place. 

If you don’t complete these steps by March 6, 2019, any actions you take on your Page may be shown from Pavan Sharma, not from your page.

If you too get above type of message then don’t worry, you can easily fix it by following guidelines given by Facebook itself.  It will hardly take 1-2 minutes to complete the whole authorization process.

Facebook just needs two thinks from users, first complete two-factor authorization process by proving your mobile number and confirm your location by providing the name of the country where you are living.

Follow given steps to solve the above problem

Step 1 – Find the “Get Started” button below the message and click here

Step 2 – You will b redirected to a page where actions which are remaining and which are completed are shown. Like in the given image remaining action is Secure Your Account and completed is primary country location is confirmed.

Step 3 – Click on “Secure Your Account” blue button in remaining actions.

Step 4 – It will ask to secure your account with two-factor authorization

Step 5 – Select the text message option for two-factor authorization in this step.

Step 6 – It may show your old mobile number where you will get an authorization code but you can add the new mobile number as well.

Step 7 – After confirming mobile number press Next you will receive a code on your mobile number.

Step 8 – Enter that 6 digit code and press Next. Enjoy! You have complete authorization process.


It is a very simple easy way to authorize your facebook page, it will not take more than 2 minutes.  You may wonder why Facebook required two-factor authorization and your primary country of your Facebook page? This is because it wants to make your account more secure, prevent your account from hacking and unauthorized posting from your account.

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