Duplicate Content Checker: SEO Tool to Check Website for Duplication

If you are looking for the best SEO tool to check duplication in content, then we would love you fellows to know that you are certainly in the right place and at the perfect time as today we are going to enlighten you with the details of the best and one of the most advanced tools on the internet these days! But before checking plagiarism in the content, we would like to let you know what plagiarism really is! Plagiarism is defined as the act of aspiration in which you take another person’s work and make them or user them in your own work as your own words, images, videos, ideas/thoughts or any kind of material of which you can easily make duplication of in terms of hearing or seeing it! 

Now you should be very clear that today the rules and regulations related to plagiarism have become very strict and subtle and you can’t just get away with even one percent of plagiarism in content. Plagiarism is declared as illegal in major parts of the world and is as unethical all around the globe, so if planning to plagiarize then you must get ready for penalties and consequences. We want you to know that checking plagiarism can be very much healthy for your website and for your own career as today you can easily get accused of accidental, self and mosaic plagiarism even though you haven’t copied content!

Plagiarism checker tool by Duplichecker!

So, guys, the tool that we are going to talk about today is the plagiarism/duplication checker tool by duplichecker. Obviously, the name of the website tells you all about it but what you don’t know about this tool is that this tool is the most advanced and reliable tool on the web and this is because it uses enhanced and advanced algorithms to detect plagiarism in your content and not only that but being an online software tool this tool is very much capable of comparing your content with its most updated and huge database. Let us just take things a little slow and tell you about the working of the tool, which is the major point on which people get confused.

  1. https://www.duplichecker.com/  open up this link to land yourself on the interface of the tool.
  2. When you open up the plagiarism tool you will easily note some means of entering text in the tool, you can either upload content as whole files, or you can also cut and paste the text in the box, whatever suits you best.
  3. When you are done with entering text in the toolbox, we want you to scroll down the page and click on the CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM button right below the box. 

As quick as you click on this button, the tool will start checking your content by doing a deep search on it. So, for you we are going to mention some of the features of this advanced plagiarism checker online tool!

Features of duplichecker!

  • First of all you should be aware of the most important feature and the most important thing that you should know about is that this tool is free to use and that is why it is loved by students, freelancers, writers and even teachers for their personal use!
  • The tool does not limit you in any way, and you just have to open up the tool and start checking your content. And good news is that you don’t need any kind of payments or registrations!
  • The tool is one of the most user-friendly tools on the web these days, and because of its easy use, people prefer it.
  • Now the tool offers multiple options in uploading content, you can simply copy the text in your clipboard and paste it later in the box, you can use the upload bar to get access to your document gallery and select the content from there, or you can simply select documents from dropbox and other cloud services!
  • First of all, be assured that you don’t enter more than a thousand words in one go as the tool has some limitations in this regard and it won’t be able to check the document exceeding!
  • The tool has integrations that help you in removing the URL of the websites that are too relative to your content and those that you don’t want to compare your content with.
  • Using this tool you can upload multiple formats of written content and can also understand and check multiple languages for plagiarism!
  • This plagiarism checker tool also has a grammar checker feature with the help of which you can get rid of all human errors in your article.
  • With the help of this content checker tool, you will get complete and detailed percentage reports that you can use to authenticate your documents. You can also download these reports and can also share them!

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