Choosing The Best UK Casino

Even though there are vast numbers of online casinos out there, it is still easier to choose an online casino than a land-based one. With land-based casinos you could visit each venue in person or go by reviews. However, when it comes to choosing an online casino you can actually browse through each one for free to see if it has what you are looking for. Some parts of online casinos are not accessible unless you actually create an account, but this is even free to do so and you are not under any obligation to use the site such as Diamond Jackpots, if it doesn’t meet your expectations. 

Safety First 

Even before you consider a casino, you need to make sure that you are about to join a reputable site that is regulated by a professional body. This is important as licensed venues keep your money safe and pay out when you win. Unlicensed venues do not have to answer to any authority and they often bend the rules when it suits them. Thankfully, unlicensed venues are becoming a thing of the past thanks to new strict gambling laws. 

If a licensed casino refuses to pay for any reason, then you can report them to the UK Gambling Commission. Here in the UK, the main body in charge of regulating all types of gambling is in fact The UK Gambling Commission. This organization has set criteria that all gambling venues must meet, before they can be accredited with a UK gambling license. Furthermore, this commission must also be allowed to test the site to guarantee customers that the games are producing random results and are not fixed in anyway. Slots also have to meet the RTP or Return To Player Percentages advertised. 

Banking Options 

You cannot begin your gambling adventure without cash and a good casino will have a number of banking options that are tried, tested and secure, so that all customer transactions are safe. From April 2020, credit cards will no longer be allowed for gambling purposes. Debit cards, Paypal, Skrill and other e-wallet payments are all still good to go and some of these options even speed up the withdrawal process. Many casinos have their own security added to their site too for an extra layer of defense, so look out for casinos that come armed with SSL security. The best casinos have fast withdrawal speeds and your winnings can be in your account within hours. Avoid those casinos that have a long processing time as it can take up to five days for your cash to be released. 

The Main Event 

With all the security out of the way, the biggest influencer when picking a casino is the game choice. If you are a jack-of-all-trades then variety of games is what you need to look for. Is there a sportsbook, Live Casino and Bingo? Most online casinos are more slots focused these days and it is a good idea to spin them on demo to see if they load and spin smoothly on mobiles and other devices.

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