Article Forge review – Write high quality articles in 30 Seconds

“Content is King” is universally accepted rule for search engine marketing. Google and other search engines love those websites which get updated at regular interval with high quality content. Creating high quality content is always being a challenge for bloggers and websites owners as it takes lots of research and time.

Most of bloggers do research and writes their own content. Business websites owner’s hires content marketing team and other hire freelancer content writers.  All these are standard and effective methods but in today’s world you need to stay ahead from your competitors and adopt future technologies for content writing.

There are several content generating tools are available which claims to create high quality content but I feels that Article forge is future of content marketing.  It really create content in just 30 seconds which pass copyscape test.

Article Forge Review

It is amazing tool which writes up-to 1000 unique articles for given keyword in just one click. Articleforge is created by an artificial intelligent company Cortx. Artificial intelligent researchers from MIT, Standford university, Oxford university and Harvard university spends 2 years to create Article forge.  It works on Deep Understanding Algorithm which research whole web for given keywords and writes unique articles.  Company is claiming that this type of cutting edge technology is only available at article forge.

How It Writes Content

Article forge is NOT article spinner tool. It reads millions of article for given keywords like humans and automatically writes high quality unique content.  Content created by article forge didn’t require any type of editing.

Automate SEO Efforts

Article Forge is not just a content creation tool, it automate all your SEO efforts. It automatically adds relevant title, images and video to your articles.  It comes with scheduling feature which allows to post article at WordPress website automatically.  You can integrate article forge with you tool by using its API.

Create one or Bulk articles

Article forge comes with two options to create article 1) create just one article 2) create bulk articles upto 1000 in just one click.


You can buy article forge in two different plans monthly and yearly.  Both plans are launched at discounted price, it will be revised very soon.

Monthly Plan – $47 / Month (Discounted Price Click Here)

Yearly Plan – $257/ Year (Discounted Price Click Here)

Both plan comes with same features

  1. High Quality Content
  2. Content Passes Copyscape
  3. One Click Article Generation
  4. Automatically Posts to Blogs
  5. No Proxies Required
  6. No Programming Required
  7. No Scraping Required

Free Trail and Money Back Guarantee

Article Forge comes with 5 Days free trail but you need to provide your card details at the time of sign up. It is launched with 30 days money back guaranty but money back is available only if you created less than 10 articles in 30 days.


I will describe it as “amazing tool” for content writing, Mark my words, it will be one of the most loved tool for search engine marketing.  I will suggest all of my reader just try it once.  Get Article Forge at additional discount click here.

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