6 Incredible Apps For Kindle That All Book Lovers Need

For a book lover, it can get difficult to keep up with all the books that are being released and can get overwhelming. But where the technology has been reaching the skies, it has done marvelous things for book lovers too. So you cannot carry around a bundle of books all the time? Buy a kindle and do that without overburdening your bag. Forgot a book at home? Take out your Kindle and download it! And we are not talking about any kindle. To get the best experience, we would recommend getting a Kindle. There are apps for everything, even for audiobooks too, so you can listen to your favorite book. Here are some amazing apps for your Kindle that you must try.

1) Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle app is the best EBOOK APP and the perfect place for you to start reading books online. If you already own a Kindle and want to expand your library to more devices, this app will automatically sync up with all the devices that you have. This app has a robust and well-designed marketplace where members of Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime can directly select and download eBooks in the app. You can even ask Alexa to read books out loud. If you love to read, you will end up loving this app too if you download it. Due to its wide range, it is one of the best applications for book lovers.

2) Audible

If you are looking for a fantastic audiobook app, Audible is what you need. Some people love to listen to audiobooks, but for that, they need to get the right app too. It is the ultimate mobile app for book lovers who prefer listening over reading. Or even if you do not prefer listening, sometimes you can get stuck in crowded trains and listening to a book will seem more feasible then looking down at your phone for a long stretch of time.  Audible contains the largest selection of audiobooks available on the market. Many great books are read by both the authors and Hollywood celebrities, such as the much-hyped reading of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Rosamund Pike. Audible has offerings for every book lover. There is a 30-day free trial that you will get when you download the app, and then there will be $14.95 per month for an audiobook a month. There is a 30% discount on any additional book that you want to purchase from the store. The iOS and Android versions, both, are some of the best-rated apps on their stores.

3) Blinkist

Are you a book lover but do not have much time to read everything that is on your wishlist? Blinkist is some of the best apps for those who cannot find enough time to read. Blinkist breaks down the major takeaways from the world’s best nonfiction books’ collection. Each entry is fifteen minutes of audio and text, which is constructed to inform and teach you and not simply summarize. It is like a streamlined SparkNotes for you. This app is great for people who live nonfiction books, and love to read for self-improvement. The app will give you the best advice and help you gain insight into the world’s top business leaders’ minds. The book summary app will cost you $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. Just select a book from the 19 categories that are available, including entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and self-help.

4) Goodreads

Goodreads is the best social app for book lovers if you are that friend who is always asking around your other friends to get a recommendation on what to read next, then go and install Goodreads. Now you can stop bugging your friends and still get some quality recommendations. Goodreads is an essential app for those who are always looking out for some new book that is worth the read. And if you want to share your reads and find a community, Goodreads does that too. You can leave reviews and ratings for every book that you read, and check out what other reader had to say; it will help you pick your next favorite book. Goodreads will also recommend new titles to you based on the books that you have rated highly on the app. This mobile app has a barcode scanner that will let you scan books in your local bookstore or library, and then add them to a separate shelf. This practically solves every book lover’s dilemma! If you see something you find interesting, just scan it, and then see what your Goodreads community is saying about it, and based on that, make your decision. Goodreads is a great app that provides a common platform to the book lovers looking where they can share their love of books.

5) Scribd

Scribd is the best subscription service app right now. It was founded in San Francisco, where the startup Scribd offers are quite similar to Audible and Kindle. However, the big deal here is actually the service model. Scribd offers its users unlimited access to the entire library of academic journals, magazine articles, books, and audiobooks just for a price of $8.99 a month. You can read select articles from The New York Times, and much more in addition to the books of all genres. Another reason why Scribd is a great deal is that it is cheaper than Kindle Unlimited, and also because, if you are an avid reader, open to trying new selections, then it is meant for you. It may not always have the article you need to read or some book that is on your wishlist, but the selection here is broad enough, and we are pretty sure that there will still be something that you can read or listen to. If you are skeptical, you can start the 30-day free trial and see if Scribd is indeed what you need in your kindle.

6) Libby By Overdrive

There are some pretty good library apps, but Libby by overdrive comes among the top ones. If you have ever wished that you did not have to make long trips out to the public library to pick up or return some book, then you might as well consider this app. Libby by OverDrive, will give the users access to materials from their public library, just by simply entering the library card information. Isn’t that cool?! It is an improvement over the original OverDrive app and has similar core functionality, which makes Libby the best library app on the market. This Kindle app will offer you some similar functions, but in addition to E-books, with this app, you can actually check out audiobooks from the local library as well. Along with that, the interface of the application is built for library loans specifically. So it is much easier to keep track of the book that you have checked out than having to rent through the Kindle app. You can sign into multiple libraries, download audiobooks, and book to read and listen to whenever you want, even if you are offline, and sample any book. Libby, in short, is your virtual library and without a doubt one of the best applications that are designed for book lovers. You do not have to long for the good old days where you used to read at the library for hours; you can now download Libby!

Get these apps in your Kindle today and enjoy your reading!

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