5 Best Digital Marketing Practices for Your Business in 2020

Digital marketing is based on the ideology of utilizing internet/online technologies to promote business products/services. Understandably, the benefits of digital marketing are undeniable. Here I’m going to discuss a few best practices of this tool to help your business survive in the highly competitive environment:

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

At present, many businesses have understood the importance of AI chatbots to ensure high customer satisfaction. The chatbot is a useful digital marketing tactic to communicate with customers and immediately answer their queries about the products/services. Indeed, hiring customer service agents to connect with customers can be expensive, as you have to additional labor cost. However, AI chatbot on your website is a one-time investment. An AI chatbot is designed in the best possible manner to ensure personalized services by answering customers’ diversified questions in real-time. In the digital world, AI chatbots are well-recognized for quick responses, faster decisions, high sales conversion rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Explode Traffic with SEO

SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization,’ is one of the ideal digital marketing techniques to explode traffic in 2020. SEO is a valuable practice to grow your business at a rapid pace by improving your website and content. It ensures high visibility for your business on top-rated web search engines that can help you drive organic traffic. You need to stay updated with the latest SEO guidelines across different search engine platforms to accomplish quality results. If you do it right, you can acquire traffic, leads, and sales in the shortest period. You should also know that links (inbound, outbound, internal), content, and user-experience (RankBrain) are the top SEO ranking factors.

If you are looking to employ SEO for lead generation, then you must outsource the services of a digital marketing expert. You can check online for best SEO companies to select the most trusted SEO provider based on performance metrics, reviews, and experience.

Private Messaging Apps

The private messaging app is the next big thing in the world of digital marketing. A number of businesses and brands are using private messaging apps to connect with customers directly. It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that smartphone apps have the real potential to gain massive popularity. Therefore, it is brainy on your end to make use of apps and private messaging groups to achieve more traffic and high customer satisfaction rather than using traditional methods of marketing like emails. Moreover, these apps have made the payment process very easy on the customer’s end. Now they can directly pay for the products/services through private messaging apps.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the practice of recording and posting informative video clips with the intention of helping you achieve your ultimate business goals. In the present era, video marketing is more than posting on YouTube. You can simultaneously make use of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. to post video marketing content of your business. You should realize that watching a video is more engaging and fun from the customers’ end. According to a study in software and app discipline, 8 out of 10 people happen to purchase a product after watching a video clip. It is recommended to tell an interesting story in a video to promote your business and increase product/service awareness.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is the practice of using user data to successfully target specific audiences. Personalized marketing campaigns are essential to retaining potential customers. Personalized marketing enables you to create quality content so that your customers can feel valued. This tool is known to boost sales and conversions. Many giant companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Nike attempt to use data in order to ensure highly customized experiences. Therefore, your business also needs to excel in personalization to promote its products/services backed by reasonable assumptions.

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