4 Ways to Convert WordPress Website to Responsive Mobile Friendly Website

We are living in smartphone era where mobile phone have become very important part of our lives.  Peoples are using the smartphone for communication as well as for searching information on the Internet. In several countries number of mobile phone users surpassed the number of personal computer users because the mobile phones price are very less as compare to the computer.

Google also makes mobile friendliness as one of the ranking factors for mobile search results. That means if your website is not mobile-friendly, then your website will not get good ranking in mobile search. So having the mobile friendly website is very critical for your business success.  You can use Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

If your website is NOT mobile friendly, Don’t worry, you can convert your website into mobile friendly one. If you have the website which is created with WordPress CRM, then the following article will help you to convert your non-responsive website to the responsive one.

Take Backup

Before making any changes to your existing WordPress website, first take backup of the complete website. If you don’t know the backup process, then follow WordPress Backup Documentation.  After taking a backup you are ready to convert non-responsive WordPress website to the responsive one.

Method 1 – Update WordPress Version to Latest one

The latest version of WordPress is responsive and mobile friendly, so the first thing you can try, update WordPress. Now question is that how you can check WordPress Version?

  • Login into WordPress admin panel and click on dashboard, you can check version here. If wp is not latest then you will see a notification Please update now.wp-version
  • Open your website in web browser and view its source code (Press Ctrl+V for chrome) and find follow meta tag <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.6.1″ />  wp-version-2

If updating WordPress won’t make your website responsive then you need to update the current version of your theme as well.

Method 2 – Update your Theme

Check if a new version of your theme is available, if it is, then update your theme to latest one. But you must need to update WordPress first.

Now check your website in Mobile Friendly test, if your website still isn’t converted to responsive one then follow given methods.

Method 3 – Update You Website with New Theme

If a new version of your theme is not available then don’t worry, you can still make your website responsive by installing a new theme which is already mobile friendly.  You can get an amazing responsive theme from MyThemeShop and Themify.

There thousands of Free and paid theme are available on the Internet, you can google these with “responsive layout” keyword in google.

If you are purchasing any theme then you must be 100% sure that theme is responsive. For that, you can check the demo of that theme on the desktop as well as on mobile.  If you don’t have a mobile device, don’t worry, you can check the mobile version on the desktop as well, by following methods.

  • Open theme in google chrome and go, Developer Tool, this tool can be found under Chrome menu View > Developer > Developer Tools. From here you can check theme’s look and feel in popular mobile devices.views-responsive
  • If the theme has a responsive design, a simple test is to narrow the desktop window to mobile device size. These types of themes aim to be viewable to any desktop and mobile browser by changing behavior depending on the size of the viewport.responsive-wp

If everything looks fine then purchase your latest version of selected theme and install it from WordPress admin.

Method 4 – Create mobile version of your existing website

If updating the current theme or installing the new theme is not possible, still you can create a mobile friendly version of your website. For that, you need to add the third party WordPress plugin which will make your website mobile friendly, without any hustle.  You just need to click on Add New, in plugin section of WordPress admin.  Any one of following plugin’s you can use to solve your purpose.

  • Jetpack: It provides mobile-friendly feature to your WordPress website. Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic. Jetpack is a free plugin.
  • WPTouch: It adds mobile-friendliness functionality to your website. WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website.
  • WP Mobile Edition: Fully optimized for the best performance on smartphones, compatible with: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. Simple and easy to use: An Intuitive setting page gives you complete control.


Switch to a mobile friendly website as soon as possible because due to a non-responsive website you are losing ranking, visitors, and customers. This can be a huge loss for your business. It is a very simple process, if you have WordPress knowledge. It is advised to hire WordPress developer like WP Curve to perform this task, if you are not familiar with WordPress.


MyThemeShop: Download several Premium WordPress theme for Free.

Themify: Drag and Drop WordPress Website builder.

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    • Hi Bourne,
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