3 Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Videos More Engaging

Video engagement is extremely important for social media marketing videos, as it is essentially an estimate of the impact the video has on viewers. As you can imagine engaging videos will be better able to fulfill your marketing goals and to add to that they’ll have a larger reach on social media.

To make your social media marketing videos more engaging, you need to focus on retaining more viewers and driving them to take action. That can be done in several different ways, to begin with:

Harness the power of visuals

Videos have a very unique visual power that no other medium can match, and you need to make it a point to take advantage of that. Essentially you should always be trying to ‘show’ the information that you want to convey, and not just ‘tell’ viewers about it.

Not only is information conveyed visually easier to absorb, but it has a more lasting impact and is able to hold the interest of viewers. On top of that considering, many social media users watch videos on mute – visuals are that much more important if you want to engage them.

Try to get viewers to react emotionally

The most effective way to drive users into taking action is to provoke an emotional reaction from them. That can be tricky, however, and the structure of your video, its topic, style, background music, and a wide range of other factors will all have a part to play.

One of the best places to start is to structure your social media marketing videos as a story – preferably one that your audience can relate to. By telling viewers a story rather than marketing to them outright, you can make them feel more emotionally invested in your video.

Make the video short

Always remember that social media users don’t have much of an attention span, and they aren’t going to sit through lengthy videos. The optimal duration for videos can vary, but for social media, it is normally short – about 60 seconds or less.

Aiming to create marketing videos that are no more than 60 seconds is a good start, and you can then experiment with other lengths to see how it affects your video engagement. If your marketing video is significantly longer, you should see if you can make it more concise – or split it into several shorter videos.

It should be noted that the tips described above will work not only for conventional videos but other types as well. For example, you could use them and create a video slideshow from photos using Movavi Video Editor by following the steps

In the long term, you should try to keep track of how each social media marketing video performs and analyze it so that you can learn what your target audience responds to. If you do that, you will be able to create videos that are more and more engaging as time goes by.

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