YouTube is world’s most popular videos streaming platform and every day thousands of videos have been uploaded on YouTube.   Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!

These are few stats about YouTube, nowadays thousands of peoples are making handsome amount of money by using YouTube. In fact, they work full-time as YouTuber.  They create unique and interesting videos and upload it on YouTube.

YouTube has become a source of income for several million peoples.  Because anyone can post any type of video on YouTube but it should be original. Originality is only criteria for uploading a video on YouTube.

Your YouTube channel can be suspended or terminated if it gets 3 or more copyright strikes.  I have written a post about how to recover suspended YouTube account, take help from this post to recover suspended the account.

If you have knowledge of videography and you are a creative person with original ideas then YouTube can be the greatest source of income for you.

Several peoples have asked me that is there any way to post copyrighted videos on YouTube without getting copyright strike? Because several peoples are doing it, you must have seen popular songs videos are uploaded on different channels. These are videos running with monetization as well.

Here I am giving some tips to post copyrighted videos on YouTube that can be monetized as well.

  1. Use creative commons licensed videos
  2. Cropped video

Use creative commons licensed videos:  YouTube videos have two type of license

1) YouTube standard license: Used for copyrighted videos which can’t be used by other.

2) Creative Commons license: This type of videos can be used by other users.

Videos with creative commons are allowed to reproduce and monetize.  You can upload these videos on your channel.

Now problem is that how to find relevant videos with the creative commons license?

It is very easy, search for a topic on YouTube then click on the filter and click on creative commons.

Let’s understand it with an example, suppose I want to find songs of Bollywood movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” which have creative commons license.

To do so, type “tiger zinda hai songs” in YouTube search bar and hit enter, you will get some results based on your search query.

Now Click on “Filter” (At desktop you can find filter option at right corner)

Check “Features” section and click on “Creative Commons”.

Now, all videos which are shown in YouTube result will have creative commons licensed and you can upload these videos to your channel.

Cropped Video:  If you really want to upload a copyrighted video on YouTube then crop it before uploading.  Several YouTuber has been using this method quite successfully, But want to warn you that this is an illegal method.

Cropping refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image. So it removes something from left, right, top and/or bottom of the image. Usually, with videos cropping is used to change aspect ratio by cutting something out (known as Pan and scan method).

There are several third-party video cropping software is available (Both Free & Paid), you can use any of them.

Even you can use VLC video player to crop your video.   Follow given steps to crop a video by using VLC media player.

  • Open your video in VLC.
  • Click on View à Advanced Control, you can see some new options under process bar.
  • Click on Video à Crop and select any of given aspect ratios. (or Tools à Effects & Filters àVideo Effects à Crop)
  • Now start your video on click on RED Button given under process bar.
  • Click again on RED button when you want to stop.
  • Its done, find the cropped video in windows videos folder.

Conclusion:  These are the two methods which can be used to post copyrighted videos on YouTube without getting a strike. But, these methods do not provide 100% surety. So if you want to make a name on YouTube then it’s better to create your own original videos. Otherwise, there will always be a possibility that your channel may get suspended.