Solution of Structured Data Errors of Google Search Console

Structured data errors are most common and irritating errors shown in google search console.  To solve these errors we first need to understand structured data and why it is useful for every website.  We all know that in general search engines like Google shows three things for any website Title of the page, URL of the page and small description in search engine results.

But, with the help of structured data, you can provide additional information to search engine and that will be shown in search engine results as well if search engine able to understand it.

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If Google understands the markup on your pages, it can use this information to add rich snippets and other features to your search result.  For example, Google search snipped for a recipe may show rating and total reviews along with the image.

Structured data report of google search console shows data and information which google able to find from your website.  It provides detailed information about which type of structured data errors each page have that may prevent rich snippets (or other search features) from being displayed.

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Why Fix Structured Data Errors

In search engine optimization (SEO) we believe that having informative and high-quality content boost websites ranking but fixing structured data errors may also help your website to get a good position in the ranking because it provides some additional information about product or services.  That’s why it is recommendable to fix all existing errors in the structured data report.

Get higher ranking

If your website is well structured and it doesn’t have any type of markup errors then your website may get higher position compared to the websites which have markup errors. Information like rating, reviews, search box, author name, product images, show time, important date, author image is shown in search result which very helpful for users as well.

For example, when I search for Pind Balluchi, get a higher ranking than because showing reviews, ranking and price as well.

Higher CTR (Click-Through rate)

People have intent to click on those results which provide them more information about product or services which they are searching.  Let’s take Pind Balluchi’s example here as well people will click more on the website which shows reviews, ratings, and price rather than those which showing just title, URL and description.

Find And Solve Structured Data Errors

Solving structured data errors are quite hard for webmasters because a website could a large website could have thousands of such errors.

To find structured data errors Open Search Appearance à Structured Data in google search console.  Here, an “item” refers to one HTML tag in the source code of your pages. For example, if you have a Movie data type with 3000 items with errors and a Place data type with 42 items with errors, Movies might be a good place to start.

Following things will be shown in this report.

Status: last date when google checked for structured data

Items: HTML Tags

Items with Errors: HTML Tags with Errors

A Graph: graph for date and number of errors

Table: shows data type and item with errors

Step 1: Click on rows which are showing errors to get further details. Structured Data > hentry (markup:

Step 2: Now understand these errors, check errors field of given table you can see that all entries are showing three errors Missing: author, Missing: entry-title and Missing: updated, this is because these data are necessary for any blog post or article.

Step 3: Now click on errors to get more details, you can see specific details of these errors for a given page. Click on LIVE TEST DATA.  Currently, when checking for errors, you will receive an “All good” remark. Ignore it, because you want to fix homepage issues, not blog posts.

Step 4: Add Missing information:  To add missing information you need to inject the properly structured data markup using the format provided by Here you can find the following type of markup.

  1. Article
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Events
  4. Local Businesses
  5. Movies
  6. Products
  7. Restaurants
  8. Software Applications
  9. TV Episodes

Here I am taking the example of my own product review website where I have already added structured data markup for the product. Get all more information about from .

Open Structured data tool and test following URL

If there is any error in structured data that will be shown here for example check image given below, it is showing one error “Field ratingValue may not be empty”  that means I have to insert rating value for this product which is missing.  

Complete Structured data markup code for product is given below, you need to insert this code in your website.

You can use structured data tool to edit markup code and test if it is working fine before implementing it in your website.

Step 5:  Use fetch as Google tool of search console to submit your website for indexing.

Check below few  examples of  structured data

1) To show contact number in the search result:

2) For Recipes:

3) For Articles:

4) For Book

Find more code example for Google developer center.


Conclusion:  Solving structured data errors is very easy and simple process but it can be time-consuming depending upon how many pages having errors.  That’s why it is always advisable to implement microdata from the initial stage of a website.  It is considered as one of the most important SEO practice.

For WordPress websites solving structured data, errors are quite easy because it can be done by installing a plugin. There are several good plugins are available you can use WP SEO Structured Data Schema or Schema App Structured Data.

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