50 Social Media Tips to Increase Engagement (2017)

Social media tips
Social media tips

Social media has become one of the most important factors of digital marketing strategy.  The success of overall digital marketing campaigns depends on the success of social media campaigns.

Many businesses fail to get the conversion from social media campaigns as well as they are unable to get engagement.  Lack of proper social media strategy is the main reason behind this.

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As per Brian Solis

Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology

So, you should take note of human psychology to run successful social media campaigns and increase engagement like when you should post, how frequent you should post.

Approximate 93% customers check social media before buying! It is a huge number, that means 9 out of 10 peoples trust social media for purchasing products.

If you are able to reach you targeted audience at social media then conversion is very much sure for your campaign.

Follow proven social media tips which are given below to increase conversion as well as engagement.

Strictly don’t do following things

  1. Never start a social media campaign without a clear strategy.  You should have your final goal, milestones, social media content calendar.
  2. Never buy fake likes or followers for any social network because fake followers will never convert but you can use tools like Social Quant to grow targeted twitter followers naturally.
  3. Never share too much content in a short amount of time on any social network. Every network is different and behavior of its users is also very different.  Like you can post 15 posts in a day on Twitter but only 2 on Facebook.
  4. Never target all social networks at the same time because it takes lots of efforts.
  5. Never just talk about only your brand but try to build a relationship.
  6. Use trending topics to promote your brand and content on social networks.
  7. Never ask peoples to share your content for the price, always try to grow naturally that will help you in long run.
  8. Create unique (Different) promotions for each and every social media network because the functionality of each network is different.
  9. Take help of apps such as Heyo & ShortStack to run Facebook promotions.
  10. Use promotions to acquire user generated contents.
  11. Equally spread your brand identity all over the Internet including forums and other platforms.
  12. Be transparent with every single customer and give equal value to each customer.
  13. Check online reviews of your brand at every day and reply to both negative and positive reviews.
  14. Share employee pics with your followers that will increase your brand value.
  15. Find influencers to promote your brand because they are itself a brand and their followers follow their advice.
  16. Take advantage of trends and plan your editorial calendar in advance, it will help you to post consistently without any gap.
  17. Share your branded content.
  18. Share only those articles or content which are valuable to your community.
  19. Always post unique content which is key to success.
  20. Promote interactions with quiz and polls because these have more engagement than a simple post.
  21. Use SocialPilot or HootSuite to manage multiple social media account at one place, it will save your time by 3 hours per day.
  22. Use PostPalnner to find trending and engaging content to share because people prefer to engage with what is happening now.
  23. Use Google Analytics to analyze traffic referred by social media channels, it will help you to select the best network and campaign for your business.
  24. Use bitly and goo.gl to shorten the long links and increase shareability.
  25. Use woobox to run photo contests, quizzes and more.
  26. Peoples engage 25% more with a brand on Instagram.
  27. 15 times more money is spent on Pinterest users than Facebook.
  28. Photo albums have 180%  more engagement than other posts.
  29. 33% increase in comments when emotions are used in the post.
  30. 93% of online customers check social media before buying.
  31. Monitor social media metrics constantly.
  32. Google Analytics is the best tool for social media campaign performance analysis.
  33. Measure volume, exposure, reach, engagement.
  34. Keep track your Klout score.
  35. Use advanced analytics for twitter to know which type of tweets are getting more engagements.
  36. Protect your content from copyright infringement.
  37. Choose photo carefully or use stock images.
  38. Beware when you’re delegating social media activities and ask your employees to use original images and content for social media post. Because you can drive traffic from images as well.
  39. Enable two-step verification where it is possible.
  40. Use Iconosqure or Webstagram for Instagram.
  41. Use more hashtags on Instagram but few on twitter.
  42. Don’t use hashtags on Facebook, just don’t. You can use Facebook ads to get more conversion.
  43. Hashtags may lead users away from your Pinterest.
  44. Never use hashtags for every single word or your post that irritate your user.
  45. Use retargeting to target competitors followers or peoples who visited your website.
  46. Speak normally as you can.
  47. Never spend too much budget on a single social network.
  48. Make sure you are using right image size on each network.
  49. Keep trying and innovating new features of each social network like Facebook live, twitter mentions etc.
  50. Set post frequency for each network according to performance.


Don’t try to focus on every social media network because you can’t have an equal response from every channel.  Initially, you can try all social media channels but try to figure out which channel is performing well for your brand or product and focus more on this channel.

For me, Facebook performs better than twitter and other networks, you can check it from google analytics report.  For this blog most of the social traffic coming from Facebook, which simply means that my Facebook followers are waiting for my new post.

But, for you, it can be Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn or even Pinterest, no one can predict that which channel will work for you. Just run your campaign and do performance analysis of google analytics report to decide which network is working for you.

Please use the comment box to ask any question related to this topic.


SocialPilot: Social media automation and performance analysis tool.

SocialQuent: To increase twitter followers naturally.

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