Quick AdSense Approval in 2 Days – Complete Guide


In this blog post, I will describe how anyone can get quick approval of Google AdSense account in just 2 days. A website owner who wants to earn money from their website/blog wants to approve AdSense account because it is most popular methods for monetizing a new blog or large websites.

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If you are getting the following message from Google AdSense “You Don’t Comply With AdSense Policies” then it simply means that are missing something to get approved your account.

Why Google AdSense?

Before applying for Adsense account you must need to know why you are selecting Google Adsense and how it is different from other website monetization programs.

Google Adsense has following benefits

Customization and control:  You can customize look and feel of Adsense ads and can select the location where ads should be shown. AdSense will show only relevant ads on your website. AdSense provides ads of different sizes and shapes and you can select any one of then that will fit into your website.

Easily accessible support: Personalized recommendations as you grow your business. Help Centre and online learning tools to learn how to set up and run your account successfully.

Access to Google ads: No need to manage advertiser relationships, AdSense gives you instant and automatic access to a huge source of advertiser demand.

Performance tools: AdSense provides easy, personalized reports you’ll be able to understand your ad performance and identify opportunities for growth.

Additional features: Show ads that are specially designed for video and games, and ads that work on both desktop and mobile. Seamless integration with DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Analytics.

Types of Google AdSense Account

There are basically two type of Adsense accounts

Hosted: Google allows the user of Blogger.com and YouTube.com to monetize their content with Google AdSense ads. A limited Adsense account can be created for blloger.com or YouTube.com, these accounts called hosted account.  The hosted account has the limitation that ads will not be shown on third party websites (other than Blogger.com or YouTube.com). Getting approval for these accounts are easier.

Non-Hosted:  These are fully functional Adsense accounts, ads from these accounts can be shown on any website.           

Eligibility Criteria for AdSense Account Approval

For approval of Adsense account, your website must need to comply with following Adsense eligibility criteria, you need to read all these points very carefully because this will help you in the approval process.

Do you have your own site?

You just need to have a website to get approved Adsense account.  Here owning a website means you should have access to source code because you need to place Adsense ads script.

Does your site comply with our program policies?

Google Adsense program has certain policies and your website must need to follow all of them.  Get list of Google AdSense policies from here

Has your site been active for at least six months?

For some countries (Like India), your website needs to be six months old for Adsense account approval.  Because Google wants to protest their advertiser ads to be shown on low-class websites and click fraud.

Are you at least 18 years old?

Since AdSense program includes financial transaction so it is important that your age should be at least 18 years.

Quick Ways for AdSense account Approval

Once you decided to use Google AdSense program to monetize your website then don’t apply immediately, because most of the application has been rejected by Google. Take your time and follow given guidelines to get approval on the first attempt.

Complete Your website

Never apply for AdSense program for the incomplete website because that would be not useful for the user as well as for search engine.  Apply only when you have written content for all pages like about, contact, policies, terms & condition pages. In most of the cases, peoples pass a hash (#) as a link for pages that they could not complete right now for these type of websites chances getting approved AdSense account is very low.

Write 20 High-quality posts

This is a most important point for AdSense approval, you need to understand what Google wants from a publisher? Google always gives high value to their advertisers and wants to show ads on high-quality websites so that advertisers can maximize their ROI.  A high-quality website gets decent traffic as well. So how Google will consider your website as high-quality? For that, you need to write at least 20 unique articles. Length of articles should be 500 – 800 words and write two articles with 1500+ words.  DO NOT post any duplicate content on your website.

Don’t Use Any Other Ad Programs

There several website monetization programs (Adsense alternatives) are available such as Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera, Buy Sell Ads, Media.Net etc it is advisable that never use any ad program before getting approval from Adsense.

Adsense is best for above-given website monetization program because it provides good CPC (cost per click) and shows only those ads which match with your content.

Add Google analytics and Search console

It is essential for every website to have set up Google analytics and Google search console because with analytics you can track the behavior of visitors and with search console, you can communicate with Google about website health.

You may be saying that I Know these things, tell me how these things will help me for Adsense approval?

So answer is that setting up above account will help Google to understand your website in a better way and it will also ensure your website ownership & authenticity.

Use Custom Email ID for Adsense application

If you have your own domain name such as mywebsite.com then I will advise you to create your custom email id info@mywebsite.com as well and use this email ID for your Adsense approval.  With custom email ID google will give more value to your application and send for fast-track processing.

AdSense Approval For Blogspot

You can get quick Adsense approval from Blogspot as well, but the account will be hosted that means ads will be not shown on another website.  Please find below Adsense approval guide for Blogspot.

  • Buy a custom domain name.
  • Create custom email id for the domain.
  • Add some basic pages such as about, policies, contact etc.
  • Select a clean and simple template for your blog.
  • Write 15 – 20 quality posts with 300 – 500 words.
  • Apply for Adsense now!

AdSense Approval With YouTube

You can get easy Adsense approval on YouTube as well. But your Adsense account will be hosted and ads will be not shown on other websites.  Find below Adsense approval guide from YouTube.

  • Create a channel on YouTube.
  • Open Creator studio.
  • In Creator Studio click on the channel.
  • Check monetization tab and click “Enable”, You will be taken to monetization setup page.
  • Here it will show Account Status for Monetization and it will also show a message “You can apply for monetization at any time. To be approved, all channels need at least 10,000 views. This requirement allows us to properly evaluate new channels and helps protect creator content. Learn more”. There are 4 steps to monetizing your videos with Adsense ads.
  1. Accept YouTube Partner terms and condition.
  2. Sign up for Adsense.
  3. Set monetization preferences.
  4. Get reviews after reaching 10,000 views.

Now problem is that how to get 10,000 views for your videos quickly? (Read Following Post: For getting 10,000 Views for YouTube Videos Try to find any controversial and political videos on YouTube which have a creative commons license. Download it and upload your account. Use social media to increase views. You will easily get 10,000 views in 1 – 2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adsense

How do I activate my AdSense?

To activate your account you need to add given ad script on your website. For address verification, you need to insert PIN which is sent via postal mail.

How long does it take to get money from AdSense?

The money (if above threshold)  will be transferred to your account on 21st of every month and it takes 3-4 days to reflect in your account.

How long does it take for an AdSense ad to show up?

Newly created ads will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to show on the website.


In above article, I discussed each and everything which is required for getting quick Adsense approval. Remember Google wants new publishers but it will not compromise on quality. You can earn handsome amount of money with AdSense but for that, you need to pre-plan everything from writing first 20 articles, applying for Adsense and growth of your website/blog.

From my experience, I can tell you one thing that focuses on writing high-quality content that will helpful for your audience will do wonder for you and Your Adsense account will be approved quickly in 2 days, your website will start earning for you and you will become a brand.

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