Hello friends, my name is Pavan Sharma and http://www.digitalgenx.com/  is my blog, I am working as AGM -Digital Marketing in a Real Estate company.  While working is a private company you never have job security so you must have a second source of income, this is the idea behind http://www.digitalgenx.com/.

Blogging can be a great source of income, and several Indian blogger making thousands of dollars every month a few examples are Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, and Kulwant Nagi. You can get inspiration from these bloggers and make your name in blogging.

Blogging is just expressing your thought about the topic you love most. So select your hobby as a blogging topic. I decided to write about technology because I am passionate about new technology you can select anything like marketing, accounting, cooking, dancing etc.

 Following things are required for blogging

  • Create a website or blog (no programming skill needed, anyone can create In just a few minutes)
  • Get domain from Bluehost or HostGator
  • Get hosting at $2.95 from Bluehost or For Indian at Rs 199 From HostGator
  • Write excellent content on topics you like most.
  • Drive traffic to your website from google, facebook, and twitter.
  • Put Google Adsense ads and earn money on every click.
  • Promote other products and services on your website and earn money with an affiliate.


To Get more blogging and digital marketing tips, join me at http://www.digitalgenx.com/.

If you are facing any problem contact me at pavanseo09@gmail.com, I will happy to help you and my services will be FREE.

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