gtag.js Cross Domain Tracking

This post will describe methods to implement google analytics cross domain tracking with gtag.js. I have written in detail about what is global site tag (gtag.js) and the difference between universal analytics (analytics.js) and global site tag (gtag.js).  Following will be dedicated to how gtag.js cross-domain tracking works and what type of changes we need … Read more

gtag.js Vs analytics.js Analysis in detail

The following post will provide detailed information about gtag.js Vs analtytics.js.  Recently google analytics changed tracking snipped from universal analytics (analytics.js) to global site tag (gtag.js).  According to google this change will provide a framework for streamlined web page tagging and provide better control of data while implementation will become a lot easier.  That simply … Read more

gtag.js for WordPress

I am writing this post to explain, how to implement gtag.js for WordPress. It’s being few months since Google launches global site tag (gtag.js) for google analytics.  Gtag.js is new tracking snipped provided by google analytics to implement into your website to get website performance report in google analytics. Peoples had started migrating from universal … Read more

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