19 Ways to Increase Facebook Page Likes

How to increase Facebook page like? And how to increase Facebook post engagement? These are two most challenging questions for a social media marketer. We are living in social media era where every brand (small medium and large) must need to have social media presence for their success. Facebook page likes had become a measurement of social reputation. A new term social proof is used to check brands visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over 50 Million businesses are already using Facebook for their product promotion. So having strong social media profile is essential for reputation as well as the success of companies.  The following post will discuss methods to increase likes for the Facebook fan page.

Why is Facebook Page Links Important?

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Like=trust, this simple formula justified having more Facebook likes which simply means that 50000 likes on your page = 50000 peoples are trusting on your brand. Peoples which are liking your Facebook page is also interested in services or products which you are offering and most likely they will become your customers as well. It also increases the reach of your brand because your post will show on the Facebook wall of peoples which liked your page if they like the post then they will also share it with their followers and so on.

Ways To Increase Facebook Likes

Increasing Facebook page like is not a single day job, you need to win like by posting amazing content.  These can be several methods to increase Facebook page likes but here I am explaining 19 best way.  You need to practice all of these or most of these all methods to increase the fan base of your Facebook fan page.

1) Complete Facebook Page Information

Don’t be casual with your Facebook fan page because it is as important as your website. Complete each and every field for a Facebook page with verified information.  Put logo of your brand as a profile image, create an amazing cover image with a call to action word and get perfect page name & username which describes your brand.

Complete following

  • About
  • Contact info
  • Open hours
  • Username, Name, Category
  • Company overview
  • General information
  • Founding date
  • Awards
  • Add products

2) Invite your friends

Your best buddies are there for your always to support you and same is true for Facebook likes as well, you have the option to invite your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page.  And as per my experience about 90% of your friends will like your page as well. Since a Facebook profile can have maximum 5000 friends, assuming that you have 5000 friends then you can get 5000 likes on your Facebook page, without putting any effort.

To invite your friends, follow given steps

  • Open your Facebook page
  • Find Community section at right side of page
  • Click on link Invite your friends, pop-up windows will open.
  • Click on invite button which is shown against friends profile.

3) Comment on Similar Topics

Find and comment on posts which are similar to your that will also increase the visibility of your Facebook page. If your comment is best then peoples will start following you. Now question is that how to find similar topics/post? The answer is simple to start following influencers of your industry. Influencers are those peoples which have a large number of the fanbase.

4) Shout for Shout

Shout for a shout of the best method to quick Facebook likes for your business page. Shout for shout means your page will be promoted by someone else which have a good number of likes and you will promote his page. Or in simple words, you will ask your followers to like someone else page and someone else will do same for your as well. But, now question is that why someone else will promote your business page? The answer is everyone wants more like for their page.

This method will not work at the initial stage when you have very less number of likes, once your likes crossed thousand then try to contact business page owners which are similar to your and asked then about a shout for shout. Many peoples will not agree but some peoples will agree, don’t lose hope keep trying.

5) Add Facebook Like and Share to Every post

Adding social media share and likes button on every blog post or page is a very good habit because if peoples like your content then they can share it his friends that will increase traffic on your website.  This method is very helpful because peoples can like and share your content from your website itself they didn’t need to gon social me platforms to do same.

6) Invite your email contacts

If you have a large number of peoples in your Gmail or Yahoo mail contact list then you can invite these email contacts to like your business page as well. Your email contacts know you well as you interact with them regularly they most likely like your Facebook page as well.

7) Add Facebook like box widget to your website

If your website is getting a high volume of traffic then adding Facebook like box widget will surely increase likes for your Facebook business page.  Two type of Facebook like box can be added into any website 1) Facebook sidebar like box 2) Facebook likes lightbox pop-up.

I would suggest using both of them. For WordPress website there are lots of plugins are available, you can use any of then which load faster.

8) Promote Facebook Page on other platforms

Cross-channel promotion is required to have an equal presence on all social media networks. You can promote your Facebook page on Twitter and Linkedin and ask your followers to like your Facebook page as well.  Since they are following on one platform, it is most likely they will like your page as well. It is a possibility that they will ask same from you as well.

9) Run Contest on Facebook page

Running a contest on Facebook page will increase your post reach and attract more visitors on your page.  The user which will participate in the contest may also like your page as well. Run a contest with a condition which will force participants to like and share your Facebook page.

10) Offer discount for Facebook fans

Running discount offer exclusively for Facebook users will also increase the reach of your Facebook page and likes as well. Peoples have a tendency to check offers and discount if they found any. Ask users to like your Facebook page to get a discount, give some extra discount if they share your page with family and friends.

11) Sharing other posts on your page

This method can be a game changer for your Facebook page growth (Likes and brand visibility).  Sharing great content will increase the trust of your followers. You need to understand that audience of your page wants fresh and great content every day. If you are unable to feed them with new content then they will lose interest in your brand and unlike your page.  Sharing other (influencers) can serve two purposes, it will feed your audience with new content and Your page may get liked by peoples of which post you shared.  Make a habit of sharing two posts from influencers.

12) Join Related Facebook Groups

Facebook group is a virtual space where like-minded peoples discuss a topic and share their expertise.  You need to join groups which have a large number of members and are related to your business. Participate in the discussion where you feel comfortable. This will increase your brand presence and peoples will start liking your page as well. Please note that use your page profile for commenting and discussion.

13) Start Your Own Facebook Group

Starting your own Facebook group will also help you to get more likes for your Facebook page because now you can link your group and page.  But, you need to put extra effort to manage your group along with your Facebook business page.

14) Add Facebook Page link in Email signature

One of the most important parts of Email etiquettes is having professional email signature.  It generally includes your name, designation, address and contact details. It will automatically include in every which you send.  But, in this social media era, it is advisable to add social media links to your email signature, It will help you to get more followers and likes for your social media profiles.

15) Use Funny images and meme

“Visuals are more powerful than words” – this is common saying and same is true for social media as well.  The post with funny images and meme attract more peoples than a post with just words. It is essential to use images in every Facebook post if you are able to convey your message with a funny and innovative image along with words then it will attract more reader and engagements that will surely increase the number of page likes.

16) Create Amazing Post

Feed your followers with the amazing and informative post.  If the post is useful for your readers then they will share it there friends and family that will surely increase the trust of your brand and likes of your page will increase by many folds. An outstanding post has following characteristics

  • The post should be short and to the point.
  • The message should be clear.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Use URL shorteners to post links.
  • Post high quality and funny image.

17) Engage with your friends

Just posting on social media platform is not social media marketing, but you need to engage with your readers as well. Reply each and every comment which you got on any Facebook post, It will show that you are giving value to your reader and encourage more peoples to comment on your post.  It will increase your social media value and more people will follow your profile and like your page.

18) Likes for Download

If you are offering any free e-book or anything which can be downloaded from your website then you can lock download button and ask peoples to like the Facebook page or share content to unlock download button. This method worked very well for several online marketers which are offering free social media guide or free SEO guide.  If you are not offering any downloadable e-book then I will suggest to create a step by step guide related to your business and convert it into PDF and ask the user to download it.

19) Run Facebook Page Like ad

All above given methods are for getting free facebook likes but running Facebook ads to get likes for business page most common and quickest.  But, you need to spend money to get likes. While running Facebook ads targeting right peoples is very important because targeting those who are not interested in your product or services is a waste of money and time. Never try to get so many likes in a single day because like can drop as well.  Use minimum following setting for audience targeting

  • Country, state city
  • Language
  • Age
  • Interest

How to get fake Facebook likes?

Above given 19 methods are authentic and real ways to get Facebook likes for your business page. But there are several unauthorized ways to get Facebook likes as well. NEVER trust on these methods that will severely harm the reputation of your business page.  I am discussing these methods for information only but I am highly against of these. Following are considered as unauthorized way for getting Facebook likes.

  • Social Exchange: There are several social exchange websites (Ex: addmefast.com) are available where you can exchange likes and share.
  • Fake likes apps: Several Fake likes apps are available for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Buying Like from Fiverr: At fiverr.com you can buy thousands of Facebook likes in just $5.
  • Like Farms: This is new term floated by some Chinese firm, where they automate thousands of smartphones with a single computer system to generate fake Facebook likes.


I discussed both authorized and unauthorized, FREE and paid ways of getting Facebook likes for a business page. Never use unauthorized ways because Facebook may temporarily or permanently block your Facebook page. Have patience because you will not get one million like in one day, your page will grow gradually. Hire a professional social media optimizer to manage your social media profiles ask him to follow standard procedure and create two informative posts on daily basis. Monitor post reach and page like and other performance metrics on weekly basis. Honest efforts will lead to good results.

Have any question about this topic? Contact me!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed steps in getting more likes, i used Ads to get likes and it turned out to be very good. But the audience is not much of an interactive type.

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