Increase Facebook Ad Conversion By 43%, With Following 7 Tricks

Facebook has now become one of the main traffic source for websites owners and bloggers.  In some cases, Facebook defeated google organic search in terms of traffic as well as lead generation.  This is the reason why more peoples are using Facebook ad platform to promote their product and services to generate sales.

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Even though it indeed a great place for digital marketers but all of them not get same success. Some of the advertisers failed measurably.  One example I want to share with you is that, one of my friend Harsh Singh which is running education start-up ( getting most of the traffic (5000 visits per day) from Facebook but not getting a single sale from it.

What we need to learn from this example

1) The number of Pageviews or visit does not matter for sale.

2) We need targeted traffic rather than bulk traffic.

So, now question is that how we can get targeted traffic so that our sale can be increased. I created a list of 7 strategies which can be used to improve conversion from Facebook ads.

1) Facebook Audience Insights Function To Target Your Audience:  If you are using Facebook ads for a while you must be aware of Facebook Audience Insights tool, Right? If not then you can check it from here Facebook Audience Insights.  If you want to create ads for high conversion then this tool should be your first stop.

It will show everything related to your targeted audience like, their relationship status, what similar pages they like, and other key insights.  Using Audience Insights, you can get aggregate and anonymous information such as:

Demographics — Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role and household size

Page likes — The top Pages people like in different categories, like women’s apparel or sports

Location and language — Where do people live, and what languages do they speak

Facebook usage — How frequently are people in your target audience logging onto Facebook and what device(s) they are using when they log on

Purchases activity — Past purchase behavior (i.e. heavy buyers of women’s apparel) and purchase methods (i.e., in-store, online)

And you can view this information for three different groups of people:

People on Facebook (the general Facebook audience)

People connected to your Page or event

People in Custom Audiences you’ve already created (an audience made up of your current customers)

For example, let’s say that you are creating a Facebook ad campaign for those who are living in India and who are into weight loss training.  Using Facebook insight tool you will discover following things about their lifestyle.


Once you have these data you can further narrow down your targeting area to target only those which may buy your product. So, use this tool best possible ways to improve your conversion rate.

2) A/B Testing:  It is the essential thing for getting best possible result from Facebook ad campaign. Most of advertiser creates only one ad copy, which is a lazy approach. Never settle with one ad copy create at least 5-8 ad copies and check which is performing better in terms of CTR and conversion.

While you creating ad sets for A/B testing, you can use following variables to differentiate your ads.

  • The length of text: Better you are able to describe your product better conversion you will get. Keeping this formula in mind create a long copy, short copy or use bulleted point.
  • The formatting of the copy: Change up the punctuation and even the capitalization of specific words.
  • Ad Image: You can experiment with ad image as well, you can do following things a) use only product image b) product image with peoples c) change color and theme.
  • Audience : target different age, location, interest etc.

Never make changes frequently, once you setup your ad set then wait for some time to get results before making any changes.

3) Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixels: I know several advertisers which are shy away from using Facebook conversion pixels, even it too initially didn’t given much importance to it. But, letter I understand utilization of it and after using it I found better conversion rate.  If you are not using it then stop all campaigns right now! And run only when conversion pixel is get installed, why? Because the Facebook tracking pixel allows you to track those who visit your site and then create ads that retarget those exact same people later.

Let’s take an example to understand its importance, let’s say visitor visited your landing page from your Facebook ads but didn’t convert but somehow they are interested in your product, now if you have installed conversion pixels then you can retarget them with more attractive ads otherwise you will lose these visitors.

This can improve CTR and ROI as well, it will provide in-depth details about peoples which are clicking on your ads.

4) CTR Vs Conversion Rate: Normally advertisers love to have a lower cost per click (CPC) for their ads, they spend whole day and night to find a trick so that they can increase click through rate because this will reward you lower CPC.

But it happens many times that campaigns with lower CPC may not profitable and campaigns with relatively higher CPC are more profitable.  So, always pay more attention to conversion rate and ROI.

If you have high click through rate (CTR) but low conversion rate then your campaign is facing some very serious problem and its needed deep analysis.  It means that something is wrong either with your ad copy or landing page.

High CTR and low conversion simply tells you that peoples are clicking on your ads going to your landing page, checks your product or offer then leaves your page without converting. It can be due to one of following problems.

  1. Ads and Landing page mismatch: both are different what are you showing in ad copy and what you selling on the landing page.
  2. Poor quality landing page: you have a crappy landing page which doesn’t inspire the customer to buy your product.
  3. Audience targeting is too bad and ads are not reaching to the targeted audience.
  4. The product is too expensive for your targeted audience and you need to refine your targeting.

For better ROI you need to have better conversion rate so always keep checking CTR and conversion rate.

5) Lookalike Audiences: I find it very interesting and unique tool because with this tool you can target your competitor’s audience.  It is not possible with Google AdWords.  It is one of the most powerful tools which I find on Facebook,  it is related to Facebook pixels which I described above.

How does it work? Let’s say some your competitors are advertising on Facebook and they installed conversion pixels on their website.  Pixels will start collecting data through their algorithms and find the similar audience for me once I start my ads.

Let’s say that I want to promote digital marketing products, in that case Facebook will allow me to target peoples which are a fan of and

When you have lookalike audience you can create ads for lesser but targeted peoples which are actually interested in your product. By this way, you can reduce wastage of money for targeting those peoples which are not interested in you products.

6) Day Parting: It is basically ad scheduling, at beginning you allow Facebook to run your campaigns all the time. You want to show your ads to your targeted audience at all time of the day whatever they are available.  But question is that is all Facebook user’s clicks on ads all time? Answers are simply NO. Because each country in the world have different time zone. So, depending on location your targeted audience may be more likely to click on particular time.

So, for a fresh campaign lets Facebook run it all time of day but after few days download campaigns data and do some analysis about visitor behavior that when you are getting most clicks.  Is it in the morning? Evening? Middle of the night? During the week? On the weekends? After knowing these things you can easily schedule your ads.

Your ads must reach to right peoples at right time to drive more conversion.

7) Your Email List: This is another interesting and unique audience targeting tool provide by Facebook. With the help of this tool you can create custom audience by uploading you email list.  Let’s say I have email list of those who are subscribed to blog, so Facebook allows you to specifically target people by email address, which means you can directly advertise to those who have signed up for your email list.

By this way, your ad will reach to those who are already familiar with you and your products. It will increase click through rate with great extent.

Conclusion:  Facebook indeed has great potential if you are able to use it effectively. It can be horrible for peoples which are not optimizing it properly.  To take maximum advantage of Facebook you need to use all 7 tricks mentioned above. By following above trick, I am able to increase leads by 43%, you can also achieve same results.

Please use the comment box for any query related to this topic and subscribe my blog for more amazing articles.

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