How to Implement a National Tracking Strategy

Rushing into gaining profit instantly will leave you on the road to doom. The reason a thorough research is done in the first place is to know about who to target and where they are. With that in mind, a newly business will never be on the road through success, especially where sales are concerned. You need to know the audience, and how are they adapting to trends. The most basic thing to try out your sales is to prepare a strategy. That strategy should start by taking a small number, in this case, to target a city of one of the many states in the USA. To elaborate on how to get your strategy under way, I have listed a few pointers that could be beneficial for you.


Your first step should be selecting an area where your sale can increase. For example, you wanted to open your store in cities in the USA and you are working on leather jackets that are really comfortable and warm to wear during the winter. Therefore, it would be a perfect option to select that area. It would give you several benefits, as people will approach your site, more jackets will sell out, and customers will be easy to trust your site and service. If people approach you through the online site then the best benefit for them is they will not wait for the late delivery, they immediately get their parcel that customer orders.


After selecting the state for your brand, now you have to work on the ranking keywords for your brand. For instance, if you were working on leather jackets then it would be your focus keyword that is ranked on millions. Then search for the substitute keyword that people will search on like a mens leather jacket, womens leather jacket, biker leather jacket, leather jackets for kids and many more. These keywords will help you to rank on Google,immediately.


Now you have to determine that from the list of your keywords, which keyword has ranked at the top and get a lot of traffic. Of course, good traffic is always good to build a reputation among other brands. If your store is well reputed then you are perfectly at right place in this marketing industry. If you really want to implement tracking strategy, then first make a list of keywords and then check which check keyword’s rank. If your keyword men’s leather jacket is on the top of the list, then you have to work more on it.


Your next task should be categorizing your keyword according to the cities and product. You have to see that which keyword is ranking good in the city. For example, your list of keyword includes a leather jacket, real leather jacket, leather jacket for men, leather jacket for sale etc., then check which keyword is suitable for a particular city, after that you have to categorize your keyword according to the city that is ranking high. If you will categorize the keywords properly, then it will be easy for you to track about your brand.



Let’s start focusing on the keywords that you have used in your products. It’s time to tackle those ranking averages. The more ranking keywords will allow you to increase your sale. For example, you are working on more than 10 keywords and then you have to calculate how many are on the rank. IF 5 out of 10 are not on ranking, then you have to work more on it to bring it on the high ranking. It will be good for the increase in your sale.


Any business that is located anywhere, your task is to check that keywords are used properly or not. Good utilization of keywords will help your site to rank high in Google. Get the best ideas to implement a national tracking strategy and bring your keyword on high ranking.

This is the only task of you and your team because no one knows about your business, data and the strategy that you use. You have to be careful when selecting cities that you are going target.

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