Comparison Between Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360

comparison Between Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360

Every digital marketer knows about Google analytics because it is free and most used website analytics tracking tool. But very few peoples know about Google analytics 360 because it is paid tool which is designed for very large companies and enterprises.

Google analytics good for small and medium websites because traffic volume on this website is not very large and they don’t require a customised report. Google Analytics is a website which is getting millions of traffic daily and they required a customized report for their business.

If we take 18 website tracking standards then Google analytics (Free version) only provide 7 and Google analytics provide all 18, this is the basic difference.

You can directly create an account at the free version of analytics but for paid (analytics 360) you need to contact Google’s representative they will create a customized plan for your business.

Advantages of Google Analytics 360

Google analytics 360 has a number of advantages over free version of google analytics, few of them are listed below.

  1. Google analytics 360 help businesses to understand customers in a better way so that they can make data-driven marketing decisions.
  2. You can check all customers and marketing data at one place. Suppose you are running TV commercial along with Google AdWords campaigns (search & display ads) & mobile app ads The Google Analytics 360 Suite was built with the multi-screen world in mind — pulling your online and offline data sources together into one place. This ensures that you know where your customers are coming from and how their behavior is driving revenue, so your team can make smarter, data-driven marketing decisions across your entire marketing mix.
  3. It allows you to pull data from third-party advertising platform and show a complete view of customers behavior across all devices and channels. Using Google’s machine learning capabilities, the 360 Suite can surface users that are likely to convert, customers with high revenue potential, and other relevant and actionable business insights.
  4. Analytics 360 has built-in collaboration tool which makes easier to visualize and share insight and report across the organization. This allows instant access to data to team member which can spot an opportunity and make a decision (changes) in real time.


comparison Between Google Analytics & Analytics 360 Suite


Metrics Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
Perfect for… Individuals and small to medium-sized companies Larger enterprises who need it all
Multiple data collection options across websites, apps, and internet-connected devices Yes Yes
Data access via mobile app, API, email notifications, and more Yes Yes
Advanced site and app reporting and segmentation (including real-time and user-centric reporting) Yes Yes
Native data onboarding integrations with… AdWords, AdSense, Search Console, and DoubleClick AdExchange AdWords, AdSense, Search Console, DoubleClick AdExchange, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, and DoubleClick Search
Native remarketing integrations with… AdWords and the Google Display Network AdWords, the Google Display Network, and DoubleClick Bid Manager
Integration with Google BigQuery NA Yes
Funnel reporting Basic Advanced, customizable funnel reporting
Attribution modeling Basic Advanced, including data-driven model
Cross-property roll-up reporting NA Yes
Number of views per web property Max 200 Max 400
Custom dimensions and metrics per property 20 custom dimensions and metrics 200 custom dimensions and metrics
Data freshness Not guaranteed Guaranteed 4 hours under SLA (usually faster)
Unlimited data NA Yes
Unsampled reporting NA Yes
Access to raw data NA Yes
User and account administration Yes Yes
Implementation services NA Yes
Support and services Self-service Help Center and community forums Enterprise-level service, support, and SLAs
Payment options Free Invoiced monthly



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