Gameplay review of Gonzo’s Quest slot

The only game out there right now shaking up a storm, play to win with Gonzo’s quest slot today.

From the geniuses at the infamous NetEnt, you know it’s going to be a good one, as you play amid a glorious backdrop of bright animations and nice playful sounds which transport you to the world of whom this game was dedicated to – the famous Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro.

As you guessed, this game has been based around the theme of a quest, and this theme is easy to understand and is set across a simple interface so you will be able to just focus on having fun and enjoying the gaming experience – play it at

It’s set across five reels with 20 pay lines, and you can play with a minimum bet of 20p, so it’s a great option for those who just want to dip their toes into the gaming world without having to spend too much at firs.

You’ll join Gonzo on his quest down an amazon river and the jungle in order to get to the golden Eldorado city, and you can do so all with the charming Gonzo at your side.  

Gameplay on this UK slot game

Gonzo’s Quest features special reels that have the ability to give the effect of an avalanche in motion, and so the screen fills with stone masks.

The symbols fall down the screen as you set the different combos, and one you have placed a winning stack, the objects explode and new symbols take their space so you can create new winning combos, with a winning set of objects too, you can multiply your winnings from one time to five times that. 

Gonzo’s Quest special features

There is one main feature which is also the most attractive and that is the activation of Gonzo’s quest free spins, there is no deposit necessary either.

All you have to do to trigger the free spins round is get three scatter symbols with the slot game and then you will see your funds automatically increased and your ability to win big too.

With the free spins, you get 10 free of charge and you can see the multiplier line change too, which is always fun, and when this feature is on you can actually increase all of your winnings from three times to fifteen times. Then, Gonzo dances, and this alone is well worth playing the free rounds for!

Each spin also means that you will activate more of those fun avalanche falls and this means you can also get more symbols, this is a great feature that no other game offers players and it’s one well worth making use of. 


This is a fun and unique game, with the Gonzo being at your side acting as a nice and friendly touch, which not all slot games offer anymore, and this really does encourage you to play, as does the unique feature of the game filling up with an avalanche, really putting up the pulse pace. 

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