How to Find Competitors Facebook Ads

The question of how to find competitors Facebook ads in now answered by Facebook itself, in this post I will try to explain Facebook ad spy tool which is recently launched.  Along with that, I will also explain some of the tools which help us to find a Facebook competitor’s ads.

Since it’s launch, the market share of Facebook ads is growing rapidly because of simplicity of platform and less CPL (Cost per lead). Now every big and small company advertise on Facebook. Even Google uses Facebook ads to promote its products.

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Slowly but steadily Facebook is increasing its market share in digital advertising segment.

Google ads and facebook ads market share forecast
Google ads and Facebook ads market share forecast

Why Facebook ad Spy Tool Required

The best way to defeat your competitor is to create a better marketing strategy than your competitor, right!

To do that you first need to know the competitor’s strategy, correct!

This is where you required a Facebook ads spy tool, which can provide each and every information of competitors ads.  With this analysis, you can find potential customers for your products as well.

Facebook already took a number of steps to bring more transparency to its platform.  It is due to the allegations that the Russians had run some ad campaigns for Donald Trump.  People got all worked up that Russians were rigging elections and accused Facebook of making it possible.

Facebook is making it easier to know from where ads are coming from but You can’t see targeting, ads spend, or anything other than the ads themselves.

Facebook Info and Ads Tool

This is the new tool launched by Facebook, with this tool you can see ads of any of your competitors but unfortunately, they can also see your ads as well.

This is very crucial data which is now available for FREE, Basically, it means you can see what offers your competitors are running, what their ads look like, and possibly how much they’re spending and which ads are working best.

Till now they are not showing total ads spend but this feature might be available very soon. Now its time to know the working of Facebook info and ads tool.

Open competitors Facebook page by direct from URL or search in Facebook search.

Facebook info and ads tool

Click on “info and ads” option, this option is visible at left navigation of the Facebook

Facebook info and ads-2

By selecting the country option you can see which ads are running in which country. It can give specific data about competitors strategy in different locations.

Facebook info and ads-3

This is what Facebook says about this tool

  • Facebook is showing you ads this Page is currently running on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Company Products to provide more transparency into advertising
  • You’ll be able to see ads here that you may not see in your News Feed if you aren’t part of the advertiser’s intended audience
  • Offers, special pricing, and other details may not apply to you

Now do a proper analysis of ads text and images, it will give you clear insight into what they are promoting and how.

You just need to know that which is your competitor, after knowing this you can check their ads daily of weekly and follow their strategy.

You can also improve your ad copy and promotion artwork to match with your competitor.


If you utilize info and ads in a proper way then you can easily improve Facebook ads conversion by many folds because now you know what offers, ads text and punchlines are used by your competitors, you just need to promote the better offer with better creative.

As per my advice, you need to follow the strategy market leader of your industry.

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