provides a comprehensive range of SEO services and internet marketing solutions, and we have specialized expertise in certain niche market segments. With our expertise in business domain knowledge, and understanding of what works on the internet, we can deliver high quality solutions to maximize your competitive advantage over your rivals. The services that we provide include:

SEO Services

Digitalgenx provides a comprehensive range of SEO services for the clients. We follow only legitimate white hat SEO techniques to promote your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
Our SEO packages involve the following activities for promoting your website.

Free SEO Audit

We provide free evaluation of your website based on SEO standards. Our experts check your website for various factors that need to be improved for making it more visible in search engines. This free SEO consultancy would help you realize what is missing in your website. You can decide to take the appropriate step after that.

Keyword analysis

We have and expertise in including such keywords in the body text of the website that not only propels visitor traffic but also ensures conversion to sales. This is achieved by strategic placement of the keywords.

Content Development

Your website needs to communicate the message of your company in the most compelling and persuasive manner. We can help you do that with expert content writing and editing while keeping the SEO guidelines in mind. Our content not only makes your website search engine friendly but also engages the potential customers.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has become the meeting place of millions of people and it is not wise to miss such a platform for website promotion. With our expert professionals, we know how to drive traffic to your website by gainfully utilizing the social media network. We have the insight to drive focused social media campaigns to drive sales.
Get in touch with us now for free SEO audit and to learn more about the various SEO packages that we offer.

SMO Services

Social Media Optimization is an online marketing method in which social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and others are utilized for creating and promoting a brand for your company. This method of marketing is very important as millions upon millions flock to the social media networks, and this trend is set to continue.
With our social media optimization and marketing campaigns, you get the following benefits:

  • Awareness about your brand can be conveniently created with the number of people gathered online.
  • SEO and other internet marketing campaigns can be supported and vice-versa.
  • Driving quality visitor traffic interested in purchasing can be ensured with information on the kind of groups that exist on the social networking sites.
  • Social networks are a good way of gaining non-reciprocal links. Your link popularity can be enhanced and the relevant web pages of your websites become more detectable on Google’s algorithm.

PPC Services

Digitalgenx here to help our customers to manage Google adwords campaigns. We offer full range of PPC services to our customers to generate maximum number of sales (leads) in minimum cost and focus on increasing conversion along with clicks. We will take care of all type of google adwords related work like creating ads, keywords research for potential keywords, defining geographical location, and most important increasing quality score by optimizing landing page.

What you will achieve with us?

We worked with several clients in these years and collected data from starting date of contract to end date of contract. Data over the years shows that

  • Monthly budget decreased several times for getting same number of clicks.
  • Reduced CPC (cost per click) by 20% for the same keywords.
  • Increased click through rate 2.5 times by optimizing campaigns.
  • Increased quality score from 5 to 9 which reduced CPC by 50%.
  • Increased conversion rate several times.
Our Process to Manage Google Adwords account:

Our process is simple but it includes very critical factors. Google adding new features very frequently to adwords platform like dynamic remarketing ads, product listing ads, new ads extension format, and adwords for video. We are here to take care of all latest happenings with Google adwords.
We divide our Google adwords management process in 5 small units, each unit have its significance for a successful campaign.

Adwords account structure management:

For those clients who are starting their first campaign, properly structured adwords account is first step for their success. It required proper analysis of your website, product and its past performance. These are few points which we go through before creating account. Will campaign is based on particular brand, for a specific location? Do product listing ads, custom remarketing list or display campaigns are worth for your campaign.

Extensive keyword research:

Our team does extensive research on all possible keywords for your product and extracts only highly potential keywords, which provides high conversion. With potential keyword list we ensure to reach entire audience, we analyze your competitors to find which keywords they are targeting and we create list of negative keywords so that we didn’t get irrelevant traffic.

Bidding process management:

There are several ways to carryout bid process but all works for same principle to minimize CPC. Our bid process take care of these points, what is break-even point for account and what is standard cost per conversion. Will keywords managed at ads group level, keyword level or hybrid.

Ads creation:

Our team creates ads which are attractive, which force potential customer to click on it by adding “action words” like “click here”, “limited offer”, “10% discount” etc. We use several test before running out ad copy.

Landing Page Optimization:

This is one factor which most of peoples forget to take care. But landing page decide whether you visitor will become customer or not. Highly optimized landing page will ensure success of Google adwords campaign. A highly optimize adwords campaign will not perform if landing page is not properly optimized. Landing page is one of the most important factor for quality score which decide CPC (cost per click) for your keywords. Our team work according to guidelines of Google to optimize landing page.