How To Defeat Your Competitor With SEMRush Research Tool

Do you want top rank for your website in search engine ranking? Right!

It’s simply because that will send lots of traffic on the respective website.

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The latest research found that more than 90% traffic went to websites which are at top three positions at search engine ranking.

To get tons of traffic from organic search, your website needs to rank at top three positions.  But most of the webmasters struggle to get top position.  Now suppose your website is at 7th or 8th position then how you will defeat those who are acquiring top three positions.

In that case, you need to do following things

Select a keyword on which you want to get top position.

Write down domain which is at top position (This is your competitor).

Do complete research for this domain to find out what strategy they are following.

You may say why we need to research about competitors strategy, it is wastage of time. Right?

Wrong! To defeat your competitor you must know about everything from its strength to weakness. It will help you to come with more effective digital marketing strategy.

Now the question comes, how to research about our competitors?

There are several online competitor analysis tools are available you can use any one then. But you need to find that tool which can tell everything about your competitor,  I will suggest you to use either SEMRush search tool or use MOZ SEO analysis tool. Both are equally good but I will prefer to go with SEMrush, there are several reasons behind it, I will explain below.

Why SEMRush Research Tool?

SEMrush is available in FREE version as well so anyone can try it before going for paid version.  If you search on google for SEO Research tools, it will show 1,65,00,000+ results, and you will find SEMrush at the top position. But this is not the only reason behind my love for SEMRush SEO research tool, It provides your comprehensive analysis of all digital marketing aspects.  SEMRush offers tools which help you to get better ROI from your digital marketing campaigns.  The tool is trust worthy because it already has more than 1 Million users.

Some of its features are

SEMrush for SEO

SEMrush for Advertising

SEMrush for content

SEMrush for Social Media Marketing

If you look the dashboard of SEMrush tool then you will easily understand why most of the digital marketer is using this tool.

It offers wide range of tools, like

Domain analysis: It includes for following tools

Domain Overview

Organic research

Backlink analysis

Advertising research

PLA research

Traffic analysis

Video Advertising

Display Advertising

Domain Vs Domain

Rank analysis

Keywords Analysis: Under this section, you can find following tools

Keyword overview

Phrase match

Related keywords

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Magic tool

Project: You can launch your own campaign using this tool, you will get following tools under this section

Site Audit

Position tracking

Social Media Tracking

Backlink Audit

Organic Traffic Insight

Content analysis tool

Brand monitoring

You can create your own report under My Report section.

That simply means is that whatever is required for a successful digital marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM) campaign is available inside this awesome tool.

Now, it time to talk about how we can use SEMrush for a complete analysis of our competitor’s website and strategy so that we can come with better one and improve our ROI.

I will discuss following points

  1. Domain Vs Domain
  2. Domain Overview
  3. Organic Research
  4. Backlinks overviews
  5. Advertising research
  6. Traffic Analysis

#1 Domain Vs Domain Analysis:  You can find this tool under domain analysis section of SEMrush tool. It is an amazing tool which gives insight details of your domain as well as your competitors domain.

In this whole article, I will mention two domains, consider as my domain and as my competitor’s domain.

This tool allows you to compare up to 5 domains but I am comparing only two.

The first thing you need to do is select your targeted country, in this example, I selected India as my targeted country because services which I am offering is only valid for Indian users.

Now, enter your domain and competitors domains click GO.

With this tool, you can compare

Organic Keywords

Paid Advertisement

PLA keywords

Now, let have a look at comparison reports.

#1.1 Organic Keyword Report:  This is default report show under this section.   The first section of this report will show a number of organic keywords for your website.

For my domain (  the number of organic keywords is 1,028.

I will also show common keywords which both domains are targeting, in my case, the number of common keywords is 785.

Next section of this will show the ranking of both domains at common keywords. Along with ranking report will show following metrics.

Search volume, keyword difficulty, Cost per click (CPC), Competitiveness, the number of search results, and Trends.

Let’s take the example of keyword “galaxy diamond”, at this keyword my domain’s ranking is 56 and 99acres ranks on 71st  position. Total search volume is 3,600 and KD (Keyword Difficulty) 62.36, CPC is approx 0.37, search volume is 25,900,00 and competitiveness is 0.12.

Same goes with other two reports Paid Keywords and PLA Keywords.

From these reports, you can easily find keywords which have high search volume and have low keyword difficulty and where your competitor has a low ranking.

Better use of this report will you in both SEO as well as Paid campaigns.

#2 Domain Overview:  Domain Overview is most loved tool of SEMrush, it provides a complete overview of your domain performance at present stage.  Use this tool for analysis of your competitor’s domain as well that will give you complete details about why competitors domain is getting better ranking.

Type domain name in search box given in SEMrush dashboard & select your country then click on search button.

You can check this report for both desktop and mobile.

The first section of this report will show overview of

Organic Search: How much organic for which keywords.

Paid Search: How much paid traffic at which cost.

Backlinks: Total number of backlinks, domains, and IPS.

Display Advertising: display traffic, publisher, and advertisers.

#2.1 Organic Search:  Next segment of this report will provide a snapshot of organic search performance of given domain with the help of charts and tables.

The first chart will show organic keywords by country and comparison between organic, paid traffic.

The second report will show top organic keywords and their position, search volume, CPC, and traffic. It will also show keywords position distribution or organic keywords.

The third report will show main organic competitors of the given domain.  It will show some useful metrics like competition level, common keywords and search engine keywords.

#2.2 Backlinks: As per my point of view this report is very helpful for competitors analysis, you need to analyze backlinks of the own domain as well as competitors domain.

This report will show referring URL, anchor text, linked page, and type of link (Dofollow or Nofollow). It will also show a total number of dofollow and nofollow links and link type (Text link, image link, form link or frame link).

There are several other reports are available inside this report you must go through each report.

Check domains where your competitor is getting links and which anchor text they are using try to get the link for your website as well. It will help to get better ranking.

#3 Organic Research:   Use this report to check the performance of your website in search engine. I would suggest checking the organic performance of your competitors as well. I will provide complete details about keywords, traffic, and trends.

You can check your website organic performance for desktop as well as mobile device. Amazing thing is that you will get traffic, keywords, notes as well as how your website shown in google like your websites show in features snipped, knowledge panel, top stories or local search etc.

The first row of this report will show three columns

The first column will show total keywords which have some rank in SERP.

The second column will show a graph for traffic, keywords, and notes. You can check these three metrics for 1 month, 6 months, 1 years, 2 years or all time.

The third column will show SERP features.

The second row of this report will show all organic keywords and their performance at a search engine.  Keywords will be shown in tabular form and sorted for traffic contribution. That means keywords which are sending more traffic will be shown at the top.

The report will show keywords and their position, search volume, keyword difficulty, Cost per click (CPC), Ranked URL, Traffic on the website in percentage, cost, competition, total results at a search engine for this keyword, trends, the date on which this data is calculated at SEMrush.

Use “Filter by Keyword” option to get above data for any desired keywords.

You can use the Advance filter option to narrow down your keyword search.

Click “Export” button to download complete report in excel format that will help in further analysis.

#4 Backlinks Overview:  This report is most important while doing competitor analysis because it will tell you which backlinks are contributing for ranking of your website. You need to use it for your competitors as well to know which is the website which is contributing to its ranking.

This report provides you the opportunity to find websites which are trustworthy and can contribute to better ranking.

Check backlinks of your competitors which have a better ranking, and try to get place your links of your website on those websites where competitors are getting backlinks.

SEMrush provides details analysis of backlinks from anchor text, referring domains to referring IPs everything can be found from this report.

The first row of this report will provide an overview of Total backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs domain score, and trust score.

The second row of the report will show a graph for new and lost backlinks, you can check this report for 3 months, 1 year or all time.

The third row of the report will show two graph’s one for backlinks type and other for follow Vs NoFollow backlinks.

A total number of a text link, image link, form and iframe links and their percentage will be shown in backlink type report.

A total number of Follow and NoFollow links and their percentage will be presented in another report.

At last SEMrush backlink report will give details about Top anchors and top anchor terms.

#5 Traffic Analysis Report:  Bringing tons of traffic on the website is the sole purpose of any website owner.   We can analyze the traffic of our website with the help of web analytics tools such as Google analytics. But when we are doing competitor analysis then it’s important to analyze the traffic of competitor’s website as well.  Google analytics or any other web analytics tools don’t provide such facility.

But, SEMrush’s traffic analysis tool provides a detailed analysis of competitors websites as well, this is why I love this tool.

Click on traffic analysis tool and enter competitor’s website domain on given search box.

Traffic data for that domain will be visible to you in the form graphs and tables.

Traffic Summary of given domain can be found at top of traffic analysis report. Metrics shown in this reports are total visits (Sessions), unique visitors, Pages/visit, Avg. visit duration, bounce rate, traffic rank.

A graph for traffic sources (All source, Direct, Referral, Search, Social) is shown in next report.  This the help of this graph you can check a total number of visits competitor’s website is getting from different traffic sources such as direct, organic search, social media traffic, and referral traffic. The same graph can be used for unique visitors, Avg visit duration, and bounce rate.

This graph will help you to analyze main traffic sources of competitors websites. You will able to know traffic source bringing more traffic and which source contributing least.

It will help your design your digital marketing strategy to beat your competitor.

Next segment of the same report will provide following details …

Traffic sources: Shows name of traffic sources and its contribution.

Referring Sites: Shows name referring websites.

Search Engines: Provides name of search engines and their contribution in terms of traffic.

Social Networks: Name of social networking websites and their traffic contribution.

Click Here to Try SEMrush for FREE.

Conclusion:  SEMrush is one of the best tools for website research, you should use this tool for complete analytics of your website from the domain, backlinks, traffic to keywords analysis everything is available under this tool.

It’s become handier if you are doing an analysis of your competitor’s website because it provides several tools (such as traffic analysis) which can’t find anywhere else.  SEMrush is already trusted by 2 million users worldwide, and top digital marketer’s recommends SEMrush for better ranking.

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