Are you creating a website or starting a business?

This question is for everyone which are active in this group when you are about to launch a website then ask this question to yourself because there is a huge difference between launching a website and starting a business.

Website launch – you get inspired by other websites success and want to do same by launching a website which has similar look and feels even you copied every content idea from a successful website. The main aim is to earn money!

Starting a business – you want to solve a real-world problem and want to help peoples from your website. You have a proper website development & marketing plan and cutting-edge technology and offering something which not offered by anyone else. You have some like-minded peoples with you who believe in your idea and ready to work 24*7. The main aim is to help peoples and make their life easy.

So, if you are just creating a website then you will not get any type of success (Sorry), you will shut down your website in few months. Or create another one then again shut it down.

But, if you are starting a business for solving others problem then success is 100% sure, no one can prevent to become a leader.

Website development is just 1% of overall website business, so before creating a website ask your self that is you creating a website or starting a business. Best of luck!!!! Contact me for any suggestion & query!

7 thoughts on “Are you creating a website or starting a business?”

  1. Wow very nicely put, i created a website instead of a business. Now i am suffering and very less website hits 🙁 Hope i make a business plan and build up my website.

    If you can share some tips to boost Forum (xenforo)

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