We all know, power of social media marketing, it become one of the essential part of companies marketing plan.  People around the world spend several hours on social media networks like facebook, twitter, Instagram and linkedin. Doing well on all social networks can improve sale 5% – 10%, which can be huge.

Today I want to talk about how to promote your business by using twitter.

Twitter is 2nd most popular social network and it send good amount of traffic and leads to business websites.

Around 90% business are using twitter to promote their product and services but only 40% says that their twitter promotion is yielding leads. Which means around 50% marketer failed to use twitter to generate profit.

Why? Because most companies don’t know how to start.

Most common mistake companies makes is that they are more focused on getting more followers for that they some cheap services offers by freelancers. They forget that only targeted followers are useful for then.

Number of followers doesn’t matter, if they are not interested in your product and services that you are offering.

Now, you may be thing that how to get targeted followers?


Don’t worry, this article will cover all possible ways to get tons of targeted twitter followers.

Best part of this guide is that these are very simple techniques which anybody can apply and these are free as well which means you doesn’t need to spend anything.

Let’s start…

SocialQuant is a social media tool which is designed to increase twitter followers by 93%. 

1) Create Strong Twitter Profile: A strong and complete twitter account is foundation of getting good business and followers on twitter. You need to understand physiology of twitter users, why they will follow you?

They will follow you if you are interested in products or services they are offering.

You belong to same industry or group.

You are twitting on interesting topics which user can relate.

Having wrong or incomplete profile is one of the main reasons why peoples fail.

Follow given basic steps to create strong twitter profile.

Step 1: Select handle and Name

Twitter will ask username (handle) and your name at first step of registration. You need to very careful while selecting these two.  It is very simple but important things.

If you want to build your Twitter account around your brand and products, then choose your brand name as a handle.

On the other hand, if you want to use Twitter to build your personal brand, then choose your name as a handle.

If your desire username (handle) is not available then you can add some number at end of username.

Step 2: Profile Picture

Profile picture gives first impression about your profile so you need to have your real high resolution image with smile.

Step 3: Profile Summary

Avoid writing unprofessional biography. Instead of that, concentrate on writing the benefits people will get by engaging with you. Also, try to add at least one hashtag within your biography; it will help people find you more easily.

Step 4: Background Image

This is best place where you can mention some brief about your product and services.  The best background image is that which highlights the benefits followers will get from your content.

High quality image with mentioned benefits will attract more followers.

Step 5: Location

Location is important for companies which when products or services in location market.

2) Increase loyalty by sharing content:

I personally consider it as best method for getting more followers.

Here I want to share my experience.

I have twitter account since very long but not able to get followers. So for getting more followers I used silly tricks (which generally used by several users) like getting followers from social exchange website or ask peoples to follow me.

As a result I get few hundred junk followers which are following me only because they want to increase their followers as well.

But after few days same followers started unfollowing me because their objective has been complete.

Then, I decided to get real and targeted followers only.

I search some digital marketing influencers and retweet their content and that works as wonder for me in just few minutes I get 10 followers which have thousands of followers and some of them have verified twitter profile.

Now I spend daily 30 minutes to share content of peoples which have good number of followers and belong to my industry which gives me at least 100 followers every day.

How you can do same thing?

Step 1: Find influencers

Influencers are peoples who already have tons of followers and have proven records for a particular industry.  For example, Neil Patel,  Jeff Bullas, Ron Feir are digital marketing influencers.

Use twitter search to find influencer of your industry.  Start following peoples who are using hashtags related to your industry and have 5k + followers.

Step 2: Share content

Start re-tweeting content of influencers which are related to your product and services.

Do NOT re-tweet several posts immediately.

Only share 5-10 post at a time and repeat same process every hour.

It will take only 1-2 minutes to share these posts.

Step 2: Follow followers


Everyone loves to have more followers on twitter, so when anyone follows you then its become your duty to follow him back.

If you don’t follow him back then they will unfollow you in few days.

Because these days users are very smart and they track who is not following with tools like Unfollowersstats.

3) Use Shout For Shout Technique:

I consider it as second best technique to get more followers on twitter because you are not alone who want to increase twitter followers. There are several peoples who want to do same thing.

You just need to find these peoples and encourage then to invite their followers to follow you, and in return you will do same thing for them.

This way, both of you can grow your following much faster – it’s a win-win.

By applying this technique week after week, you’ll be able to get a ton of followers very quickly.

In fact, that’s one of the strategies Neil Patel used to get thousands of followers on Instagram.

And even though he applied that strategy on Facebook, it works exactly the same on Twitter.

But, question is that how to find users who will accept my offer?

For this, you can use given techniques.

T1: Find user who have approx. same number of followers that you have.

T2: Find peoples who are very active on twitter and interested in your product and services.

T3: Find people’s contact information, it’s much better to reach out to people via email. It’s more personal and you can get a higher response rate. Use 14 Ways to Find Any Email Address in 10 Minutes or Less

4) Use Strategic Cross-Promotion:


We all are using several social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, google+,  everyone don’t have same presence (followers) at each platform.

Some peoples have tons of followers at facebook and have lesser number of followers at twitter.

Some may have tons of followers at twitter and have lesser number of likes at facebook.

It’s all depend on how much time you are giving to which social network.


If someone likes you on particular network, that simply means that person is interested in you and your services, which makes that person much more likely to follow your other social profiles too.

It can be one way to increase twitter followers if you have tons of fans at your facebook fan page.  Not all will do it, but some of them will, and that’s a win.

5) Find Relevant People to Follow

Do you want to know most effective way to increase twitter followers rapidly?


OK! Do you know 25-30% peoples will follow you back if you follow then?

Which is a great number, which means you can get 25-30 followers if you follow 100 peoples.

By this method you can increase followers quickly but you need to careful while doing it.

Do not follow any user who is not interested in your services.

Because, we are not building twitter account for fun, we are to do real business by using twitter.

It can only be possible if we have targeted followers.

You twitter advance search to find super targeted people to follow, and, therefore, attract followers who are actually interested in whatever you’re promoting.

Step 1: Open Twitter Advance Search

Click here to open twitter advance search

Step 2: Fill given form

Twitter advance search form has several option you can fill any of one option to get relevant results. This form search people by using




Words: Let’s say I want to search peoples who using “digital marketing ” word in their tweets.

Then, I will write “Digital Marketing” at All of these words field and search.

It will search all tweets which includes “Digital Marketing” word.

Hover your mouse on the name of twitter user and follow.

People:  Now let’s say, I want to search all those peoples which mentioned Neil Patel in their tweets.

Then, I will write @neilpatel in To These Accounts option, it will show me account of all those peoples who mentioned Neil Patel in their tweets.

Step 3: Follow Peoples you found

Use different terms and options to find targeted peoples of your industry and follow all of them.

6) Follow Competitors Followers

We always have a successful competitor and analysing its business modal will help us to grow faster. Same is true at twitter as well.

This way, you’re able to avoid a huge learning curve and start getting results much faster.

Competitive auditing is not only useful to get Twitter followers, but you can also use it to grow all the different areas of your business – marketing, logistic, and even business management.

We need to careful because what works for competitor might not work for you, but it’s a good way to start testing the waters. Then you can start building your own strategies based on the information you get.

How can we do it to increase twitter followers ….

Step 1: Find competitors

You need to find at least 10-20 competitors, there are several ways, you can use twitter advance search or follow Neil Patel’s guide.

Step 2: Analyse Followers

Now analyse following and followers of each competitor, this is one of the easiest way to find relevant and targeted twitter users for your business. Now start following those which are fit for your business.

Step 3: Analyse Tweets

Pay attention to the kind of content they share. Are they sharing breaking news, advanced guides, list posts, funny images, videos, or all of them?

Look what hashtag they are using, if you find it useful, use same for your content as well.

7) SEO For Twitter Account

Getting found on search engine ranking will boost your presence on twitter as well. Google shows twitter profiles and tweet in search results, if user searches with name, brand of relevant keywords.

Optimizing twitter account for search engine is quite easy, follow given good practices to rank your twitter account in search engine.

Step 1: Use Keywords in twitter bio

Use search engine optimization strategy while writing bio for your twitter account. Find some useful keywords (Use google keywords planner to find relevant keywords) that clearly represent your brand.

Use some of these keywords inside your bio.

Step 2: Build some backlinks with relevant anchor text

We all know, how backlinks are important for seo ranking.  You can take your name or brand name as anchor text for backlinks.

Best way to create backlinks is social bookmarking website. Select websites which have good reputation and post your links here.

Or you can hire freelancers for this task.

Step 3: Use some keywords in your tweets

Whenever you are about to post on twitter try to add some relevant keywords and hashtags in your content. There are some cases when people search something on Google and no websites are containing relevant content for that particular query.

If your tweet is the only piece of content containing what the user is searching for, you can be sure Google will display your tweet.

Look, by optimizing your twitter account may not give thousands followers instantly.

But, you will get few followers daily.

8) Tweet High Quality Content

“Images speaks louder than words” it is common saying and true as well. Whenever you are posting content on any social media platform, use high quality image.

Tweets containing image increases engagement uo to 500%, according to Jeff Bullas.

But, it doesn’t means that you start posting only images.

Use image and text in fare proportion.  Here are few tips to create excellent tweet.

T1: Tell a story

Research shown that a human brain process visual information 60,000 faster than just plain text.

So it’s better use visual content such as images and video’s to communicate with users.

You just have 140 characters, so you need to use a images which can tell story.

T2: Defined Goal

Everything which you are doing on social network must have some defined goal.


You need to understand how that image will put you closer to your goals.

How will that image help you get more traffic? How can that image help you get more sales? How can that image help you achieve your goals? By answering this kind of question, you’ll be able to determine whether adding the image is worth.

T3: Image size

For better response you need know perfect size of twitter image. Because wrong size of image will not be shown properly in twitter post.

Image Guidelines

Minimum to appear expanded 440 x 220 pixels (a 2:1 ratio).

Can tweet up to 4 images at one time.

Can edit images if tweeting from Twitter iOS or Android app.

Maximum to appear expanded 1024 x 512 pixels.

Appears in stream collapsed at 506 x 253 pixels on desktop.

Maximum file size of 5 MB for photos, and 3 MB for animated GIFs.

For image guidelines of other social networking websites you can check sproutsocial.

9) Use embedded Tweets in your blog post

Twitter and other social media platforms are used to drive traffic on websites. You can use your blog post to drive traffic on twitter account as well.  This will increase your followers as well.

When you embed a tweet you get two benefits:

You add value to your readers by adding extra content

You get more followers by allowing people to follow you while reading your content

Posting embedded tweet in your blog post is very easy process, follow given steps.

Step 1: Find relevant tweet

Find tweet which can add some value to your blog post.

Step 2: Click at more (inverted triangle) link

Step 3: Select Embed Tweet option

Step 4: Copy given code

Step 5: Paste code in your blog post

Open WordPress editors “Text” option and paste code.

SocialQuant: SocialQuant is a social media tool which is designed to increase twitter followers by 93%. If you don’t have time to follow all above given techniques then you can this tool to grow targeted twitter followers.


Now, it’s your turn, follow above given techniques to increase targeted follower which are interested in your services.  It will take only 30 minutes a day and in return you can get 200 followers in a day. I am saying it by my personal experience.

SocialQuant is good and trusted tool, it gives results as well, I used it and its work fine for me.