Its dream of every webmaster to get top position in google search results on every keyword, to achieve this, they work all day and night.  They follow all given suggestion, even they uses black hat SEO techniques when have pressure.  In most of cases people don’t get top position even after trying very hard. There is only one reason behind it that is, giving more value to search engine (google) rather than user.  Webmaster’s try to impress search engine and lost their focus from end users, that’s why they never get top position in search engine ranking.  There are several common mistakes made by SEO professional, google summarise these in 5 common SEO mistakes, and these are suggested by google itself. Avoid following mistakes to get top position is google search results.

1) No Value Proposition:  That simply means what different you are offering from your competitors? Why should a user click on your website in search engine result? Never thought that your website will rank #1, without offering something very helpful to searcher which is better than your competitors.  Add some differentiators in your page title and meta description to get attention from search so that they forced to visit your

Now question is that what type of differentiators you should add? For answer of this question let’s take an example where user is searching for “San Francisco Bike Repair”, four search results are showing in the given image.  For first result differentiator is “Best non-profit bike shop” for second result it is “Free bike repair estimate” for third one it is “Flat-repair demo” and for last one differentiator is “Oldest independent bicycle dealer”.

What we learned for this example? You need to put something different and unique in your page title and description which can attract searcher to get more value from google. Never follow anyone, believes in your product and writes great and unique description.

You can use following differentiators for an e-commerce website Low price, Free shipping, Great customer service, Detailed product description. You know better than anyone else what makes your product or services better from others, highlight those points.

2)Segmented Approach: It means SEO goals are not aligned with over all company goals.  Be wary of setting SEO-related goals without making sure they’re aligned with your company’s overall objectives and the goals of other departments. For example, in tandem with your work optimizing product pages (and the full user experience once they come to your site), also contribute your expertise to your Marketing team’s upcoming campaign. So if Marketing is launching new videos or a more interactive site, be sure that searchers can find their content, too.

3)Time consuming workout:  Avoid implementing any hack but do some research and find best practices and implement it.  There are several self-claimed SEO experts are available which give you several hacks to get top ranking but ultimately you will waste your time, if you are following them.

In simple terms, don’t try to fool search engine with any type of hack techniques instead try to find out better tool provided by search engine to perform same task.  Let’s take an example

Avoid using rel=”canonical” for each component page in pagination instead use rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup for pagination content.  And submit new and updated content in “Fetch as Google” tool for fast crawling which is available in google search console. Content submitted in this tool will be index in 24 hours.

4)Caught in SEO trends: Don’t waste your time in finding new SEO trick for getting quick ranking instead focus on SEO fundamental and improve overall user experience of your website. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of webmaster made. They forget users and start chasing search engine for better ranking.

Common SEO mistakes
Common SEO mistakes

At initial days of internet websites used to give more value to users, they are more focused on offering high quality content to readers but after introduction of search engines, website owners are more focused on getting good ranking of search engine.

Search engines are introduced to provide great quality content to searcher on their request. Goal of your website should be same, once you start following this basic fundamental, your website automatically get top ranking.

One common mistake that every webmaster made that they put optimal keyword density in there webpage to achieve this they tweak content of page.  As per google, this practice should be avoided and forget keyword density, just write compelling content.

5)Slow iteration:  Aim to be agile by defining metrics for success, implement improvements and measure impact then create new improvement and keep repeating this process.  Need of hour is to activate your whole SEO process for that you need to have well defined success metrics and regularly monitors your success metrics.

Use A/B testing to find best performing pages with better use experience, you can use google analytics bounce rate and Avg. time on page to measure which page is performing over others and which page is under performing.


You need to be stay ahead from your competitor by adopting new techniques and tools offered by search engines. Better use of google search console can help you to create search engine friendly website. Never use unethical SEO tricks to get top position in search results because it can harm your websites ranking and reputation as well.  And last but not least focus only on user never develop any strategy for search engine ranking because ranking will automatically come when your page is helpful for user.

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